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iShredSAN 12-04-2012 8:37 AM

Spray on bedliner on boat trailer
One of the main items on my long list of winter boat projects is refinishing my boat trailer. The current color of the trailer is maroon (not a huge fan of that color) and it is fading, etc. in many areas. I would like my trailer to be black (match my truck and boat is all white) so I am considering spraying bedliner on it.

I have applied the bedliner from home depot in spray can form to a chrome bumper over a year ago and to this day it has not chipped. I slightly roughed up the chrome with sandpaper and applied a few coats of self etching primer first. My main questions are can I apply the self etching primer directly to the boat trailer or would a different primer be recommended (It's a Dorsey trailer, believe it is powder coated but could be wrong?). Also, if anyone has experience dealing with this please share!

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