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grant_west 11-29-2012 7:01 PM

Winter Driving & Rain X
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Hey Just wanted to send all my w/w friends a note. The rain is here and if your like me and drive allot this is a great product. I wanted to tell you about Rain X. If you know about it then your good to go .Its a glass like cleaner like water repellent that you apply to your windows. Im sure most have heard about it or seen it. I put it on my front window and my wifes window like 2 or 3 times per winter. The stuff is amazing and works like magic. The water simply fly's off the window. It's so effective that if your going over 10 mph you don't even need to use your windshield wipers, The water is just not on your window to be wiped off. Its perfectly clear and you cant even tell its on your window when its applied. A bottle will last you a few years because you don't put that much on. Bottom line it makes it safer to dive in the wet because your window is clear and your not dependant on your wipers for clear vision. I have been in down pours where the wipers cant even keep up but my window is almost clean. People in front of me are slamming on their brakes cause the rain is blinding them. Its a simple Honey do for you and your family members they will thank you. I think you can buy it at most major retailers Except Walmart F that place it Sucks, LOL LOL

markj 11-30-2012 12:59 AM

Yep thanks for reminding me to do my wife's car.

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