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skibum69 11-27-2012 4:20 PM

Cire boardshorts-no response?
I have heard great things about CIRE boardshorts, that after our cabin burned down on labor day night and I lost all my boardshorts, I decided to replace the 1st pair with CIRE board shorts. I went to their site, but only had a size or two in each style, I emailed them asking if they are getting additional sizes, or will I have to wait for next years style. I never got a response and was suprised after hearing other peoples comments. Well I need a pair of shorts for a vacation in the upcomming month and the stores here in the cold upper midwest don't have much selection. So I ordered a pair of Godfather IIIs(happens to be my favorite style) in what was my size in a few other shorts, on closeout from a boardshop on ebay(I would have rather purchased from Cire), and they are a bit on the small size. My Oakleys go past my knees, but these go just above the knees I thought they were suppose to be long? Anyway has anyone else had trouble with them responding or have an email address to a direct person there? They sound like a good company and would like to give them my business since I need to get another 3-4 pair of shorts.

hillbilly 11-27-2012 4:48 PM

Maybe look them up on FB?

02byerly132 11-27-2012 5:43 PM

We are having a great sale on shorts right now. $15 shipped, plus we give a portion to the Wounded Warrior Project. (If you have seen our ads on the site) On a size 32 the length is 22". Visit our site www.WakeClothing.com or e-mail me for more information. info@wakeclothing.com.

11-27-2012 5:52 PM

Theyve always had superb cust service to me. Try sending another one, call or FB like other guy said.

ttrigo 11-27-2012 8:02 PM

Never had a problem getting a response from them. Usually within the day. Good luck. Sorry to hear about your losses.

nuckledragger 11-28-2012 6:02 AM

Sorry for the confusion, I remember responding to your email because you talked about your cabin. Our email might have ended up in your junk folder. Go ahead and send us an email at mail @ cirewear.com and we will respond directly to that email.

You can also contact us through FB at www.facebook.com/BoardshortsByCIRE

skibum69 11-28-2012 5:29 PM

Email sent. Thanks for all the input and confirming the great support. I thought something was weird since so many people have commented on terrific customer service and I thought it might be easier.

nuckledragger 11-28-2012 10:18 PM

Jason, we just responded back to your email. Let us know if you don't receive it.

eubanks01 11-29-2012 1:06 PM

Eric is the man! Always takes care of his customers. Best company in the sport of wakeboarding.

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