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Greg2223 11-23-2012 6:54 AM

Arizona lake temperatures
Looking at picking up a wetsuit, but wondering how cold do the lakes get in arizona?Right now lake Pleasant is at 63 degrees, I was thinking about going with a 4/3 but if the lakes get cold enough then ill just go with a drysuit.
any thoughts?


JustinMD 11-23-2012 4:46 PM

I ski in a 3/2 in the dead of winter but I have a nuclear fuel rods implanted in my core. Water gets down to 55 just about every year. The dry suit is nice for days when the air temp is only in the 50s or 60s.

ers906 11-23-2012 9:15 PM

Temps seem to be in the low 60s right now (at least at Bartlett Tuesday night). I am riding without a wetsuit sometimes, but if I put one on it is a shortsleeve longjohn 2 mm. I will likely go to a 3/2 as it drops to 55, and a 5/4/3 if any colder. I just put a hot water shower on the boat which is nice to fill the suit up prior to sliding off the swim deck on the colder days, and warming up after almost any day. The forced air heater is going in next (GF does not llike to be cold). But after getting 3-4 good pulls on a weekday where you are the only wakeboard boat on complete glass, all of it is well worth it. BTW, I do have a dry suit that never makes it out of the closet. Just not cold enough in AZ.

durty_curt 11-24-2012 9:44 AM

Yesterday was pretty damn warm at saguaro water was 70, air was 83. So i just wore a heater top. I wear a 4.5/3.5 wetsuit during the winter and am perfectly content with that. Used to use a 3/2 for about 5 years then upgraded as that one was falling apart. If you prefer dry suit go dry, it's whatever you prefer Arizona is the state where both work great during the winter.

Oh yeah, water temp at Marina Del Rey is 57 .
So pretty much all lake temps are slowly dropping.

durty_curt 11-25-2012 6:27 AM

Also check out the AZ riders thread in the "find a third" forum. We usually keep it up to date with lake temps

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