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skuhleman 11-14-2012 2:29 PM

yet another board size question
Hey everyone, I'm reading others board size questions and am beginning to wonder if mine is too small. I am 6'2 230, should be back near 200 by next spring. I ride a 2011 liquid force PS3 141 with domain bindings. I am basically a begginner, have some surface tricks down and my cuts are great. Almost have my HS w2w and working on my toeside as well. Personally I like my board, seems to be super smooth and edges great, almost too fast for me. But I see these people 5'7" 160 on a 140. Makes me think I'm way too big for my board. Thanks for the help. Landings are sometimes tough on my board though.

11-14-2012 2:40 PM

Id say your a 144 but thats my opinion.

simplej 11-14-2012 2:43 PM

well i think alot of times people forget about board width as well...
im 6'1 and run between 190-205 and i ride a 141. its a slingshot kine though which is about 1 inch wider than everyone elses board on the boat. so its kind of subjective ive ridden a 145 and found it really clunky and lost some maneuverability for what i gained in speed. i didnt gain any pop on it either

Rockinrhino 11-14-2012 2:45 PM

Go Big or go home is my Philosphy, 6' 00" 165lbs ride 140

skuhleman 11-14-2012 3:08 PM

Well my buddy had a 139 ps3 that I liked, but it felt a little small, so I bought mine. But I have ridden an old cwb transcend 139, and an old hyperlight something 147 which felt HUGE and I just slid across the top of the water. But everyone I ride with uses my board. So I don't have any experience or chances to ride a larger one. Thanks for all the help everyone. I think I am trying to find an excuse for my shortcomings on the water ie: the boat, and old sea ray, and my board. I'm pretty dang sure its my technique though. I subscribed to learnwake.com and it has helped some. Can't wait for spring to come back to I can try some more!

DatTexasBoy 11-14-2012 4:40 PM

IMO you need 143-145 for your weight and height. I am 6'4" and ride Marek Nova 145. LOVE IT.

Readyaimfire 11-14-2012 7:01 PM

I'm 6' and fluctuate from 190 to 215... I never go smaller than a 142... Right now I'm riding a slingshot response 145 and a mutiny Vandall 144.

skuhleman 11-15-2012 6:27 AM

Hmm, I may see if I can find a chance to ride a 144 or so and see if I like it.

jhartt3 11-15-2012 7:25 AM

gotta go with a 144.. There is a 2012 Ronix vault with Divide bindings on ebay right now... last i saw it was at 140 including the shipping... pretty solid deal for a starter board... I ride this board. and it is locked in with or with out the center fins.

Andrew14 11-15-2012 10:52 AM

Shawn - try a bigger board, I think you will find it a much more enjoyable board to ride. I am 5'10" (170lbs-180lbs) and I always rode 138, 139 and 140cm boards. My riding buddy and I both had the same board (2012 Slingshot Lymans), mine was a 140cm and his was the 144cm, after almost a year of making fun of him for riding such a big board (he's smaller than I am), I finally gave his 144cm a go. Night and day difference for me as far as pop, landings, and control on edging in Toeside. I immediately sold my 140cm Lyman and got a 2013 144cm Lyman and haven't looked back since. I also picked up an even bigger board, a 2013 145cm HL Marek Nova, and love riding it as well. Unless you're good enough to be throwing 7's, 9's, whirlies, etc. where "swing weight" might be an issue, I think a bigger board will improve your riding. Just my $.02.

gnarslayer 11-18-2012 4:43 PM

i weight 145

Boat: 137cm
Cable: 144 cm

on the boat i actually prefer smaller than 137. just do what you think feels best!
i like big boards on cable! way more presssyyyy!

VLX_Fixation 11-18-2012 4:49 PM

6'1" 220 on a 140. Fast board tho so i love it.

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