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jdb11386 11-13-2012 5:01 PM

PCM engines
I am looking for some info on the zr409 and zr450. I'm looking for which block pcm uses, ly6 lq9? Etc... also want to know the head casting numbers and the cam specs. I can find all the pcm part #s on the 409 but I'd like to know the gm #s that pcm uses if that is possible.

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Elliottsx80 11-13-2012 8:26 PM

my money is on l92 heads im pretty sure they are both 6.0. as fare as cam specs i wouldnt think it would be any different than whats in the late late model 3/4 trucks and vans. the computers should all be the same as part #S . i would just think they just have different tunes. any late model gm pcm would work with the a complete wiring harness. what are you trying to do? . use a zr450 or 409 with a automotive pcm so you can custom tune it with a hp tuner or efi live? ive actually been thinking of doing something like that in my x80. so i can do a heads and cam. i know all the LS style motors have pretty much the same wiring harness for everything cars trucks trailblazer. just changed the knock sensor placement around

jdb11386 11-14-2012 5:49 AM

I'm rolling the idea around. Just doing some research right now. Im with you on the wiring and tune, I think everything can interchange without too much trouble, or I can just get a pcm harness. I like everything about my boat except for the fact that it doesnt have an LS engine in it, and I've been considering getting a new boat but its hard to justify that just because I want a different engine, so I'm looking into doing an engine swap, plus it can be done way cheaper than a new boat.

Elliottsx80 11-14-2012 8:05 AM

ive done some checking on it before, id like to put a couple 6.0s or even 5.3s in my x80.... it would be a snap to do... you can go to most salvage yards and get a complete motor low mileage for around 1200 for a 6.0 and 750 for a 5.3 complete with all the sensors, intake, coil packs. pretty much everything. the only think you would have to order would be the flywheels, possibly the flex plates and water pumps. other than that a little fab work with the belt and tensioner and you got it. oh and i wouldnt recommend getting fly by wire throttle bodys. get a older 6.0 or 5.3 that uses a cable. then just get any truck pcm with a wiring harness and a obd2 port and find someone with a hp or efi live tuner, and your done! would deff. be a good winter project. the motors your looking at though are later model 6.0s i wouldnt go that route. find a 1999-2002 it would make alot easier. then call texas speed and order their cam and head package with head and rod bolts and you will have about a 450 hp 6.0

jdb11386 11-14-2012 8:52 AM

Looks like weve been thinking about the same thing. If I go through with it, I will probably start with a bare block and build it from there. Im not going to get carried away and try to break any records, just put good parts in it that will hold up. I also like what indmar has done with the ls3 but I will probably stick with the 6.0 unless i find a good deal on a 6.2.

nitrousbird 11-14-2012 3:32 PM

For Indmar, the current 6.0 would be an L96 and the 6.2 would be an LS3. My guess is the PCM 6.0 is based off the LY6 or L96 and the 6.2 is likely the L92 but maybe the LS3.

tdc_worm 11-14-2012 8:33 PM

couple of quick points:

marinized engines are produced by gm, and sold to Indmar, Ilmoor, PCM, Merc, and VolvoPenta, whom put custom tunes, various HCI combos, and different dressings on them to make them unique.

here is GMs marine engine portfolio, and the suppliers they sell to:


The PCM Z- engines are 6.0Ls to the best of my knowledge. the above link would indicate that they are L96s.

To the end of marinization, it is my understanding that engines marinized from the GM factory use forged components in the rotating assembly with hi-po, race oriented bearings and oil pumps because the expected average operating RPM is much higher than that of the same exact engine used in passenger vehicle. if you are going to swap in a salvage yard block, you may keep that in mind, with the additional precautions of ensuring that all electrical components are shielded against spark as most nautical engine compartments harbor explosive gases.

and for those that like to get in a pissing match about my brand uses pcm vs your brand uses indmar so my dad is cooler than yours....all of our engines start their life in same GM factory. none of the suppliers build their own engines....

Elliottsx80 11-14-2012 9:07 PM

im pretty fim. with these motors done lots of turbo set ups and blowers on them. a bone stock motor from a salvage yard 5.3 or 4.8 i have ran as much as 20lbs of boost with only adding arp head and rod bolts. and thats non intercooled with direct port meth injection. on intercooled ive ran up to 15 with no meth any more either way is running a pretty big risk of melting or cracking number 7 piston. always number 7 that gets you. what im trying to say is low mileage junk yard 5.3 and 4.8 are almost bullet proof. as fare as oil pumps go. i really dont know what your getting at. are you thinking you should run a high volume oil pump? i think that would be a pretty bad idea. unless you have about a 15qt pan. a high volume pump and a stock 6qt pan would just pump all the oil to the top if you were making a long run at high rps across the lake and that wouldnt end good. so i would leave the stock oil pump. i run stock pumps in my mud trucks and ive ran them up to 7000 rpms for minutes at a time and agian thats with a bone stock bottom end other than rod bolts. all of that is on 5.3s or a 4.8. 6.0 is a little more tricky. they dont like much boost. but i dont think hes going that route anyways. a 5.3 or 6.0 both would be awesome in any boat. 6.0 has a little more torque but if i do my 80 im going to use the 5.3 with heads and cam. puts me in the low 400hp range. the reason why. those motors are everywhere, they take a little more abuse than a 6.0 easier to tune and there cheap!!! i wouldnt really worry about spark on any ls motor since they are not running hei. but i would deff. invest in marine wires from coil pack to plug, that should cover any spark issue. and pcm. i would still run a truck pcm. just for the shear fact that if you dont own a hp or efi live tuner. its not hard to find someone with one, tuner shops everywhere. i would way rather have my boat tuned in the water than ordering some online computer from a marine shop with a tune already flashed in thats just close. i own a hp tuner and there is no such thing as tuning 2 cars exactly the same. just doesnt work that way. but to each his own.

skuhleman 11-15-2012 7:19 AM

My last truck had a LQ4 and that thing had some torque! Now I got a 5.3 and kinda miss my old 6.0 lol

Hey robby, how about when you come back to lewisville to pick up your boat from earmark you bring the tuner with you and hook me up with a 5.3 tune? Haha gotta try.

Elliottsx80 11-15-2012 8:06 AM

ill help ya out. ill do it for 150. thats what the credits cost me to buy your vin for my tuner. but once we have it, i got if for life. so if you ever do anything to it. supercharge, or heads and cam. ill re tune it for free. but you gotta bring it to me if that ever happens

skuhleman 11-15-2012 11:15 AM

Sweet! When you going to be down here? Hopefully I can make my schedule work.

Elliottsx80 11-15-2012 11:21 AM

i really dont know at this time. earmark has had my boat for almost a week now, but i told them i was in no hurry. im guessing mid december. shoot me a pm with your number and soon as i know something on the boat i will get ahold of you before i head down to pick it up.

bftskir 11-16-2012 1:36 PM

All I can say is LSA

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