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load 11-13-2012 12:23 PM

GORUCK Challenge
So it all started way back when with a WW thread about the Tough Mudder. Jarrod posted a link to the GORUCK saying this is what his coworkers did. Looked at it and thought, wow thats cool but I would never do that.

Signed up and finished the TM in September.

Completed the GORUCK this past weekend in Sacramento! What an amazing experience. I can't say enough about it and the team I shared it with for our 9 hours. We did loose 2 to injury but the rest finished. Truly the hardest part was signing up. All ready planning my next.


Thanks Jarrod! I have you to blame for my new addiction.

jarrod 11-14-2012 12:01 PM

Cool! Glad I could help. My boss said you should try the next San Francisco event.

And congrats, I hear that you actually have to be a badass to finish this event.

load 11-14-2012 5:29 PM

Thanks, you should do one!

I am actually looking at the SF next June. Nothing during Snow season for me.

I am sure some of the NorCal GORUCK guys know you boss.

wakeboardern1 12-04-2013 6:15 PM


On another note, just signed up for the Blacksburg Challenge in February. When I have the cash later this month, I think I'm going to sign up for the DC Heavy for next spring (24 hours) and also next October's Selection Class.

Let's hear an updated list of all those Wakeworlders that have done a GoRuck Challenge! Plus, I'm trying to figure out a good workout plan beyond just the rucking and running and I'm curious if any of you all have any suggestions.

ilikebeaverandboats 12-04-2013 10:00 PM

Maybe someone could explain this to me.... i have a friend who is into it.... and "trains"... I just dont see the appeal... Carry a bag full of bricks? Why not just do the real thing... Go buy a 65 liter pack, fill it with gear, food, and water, and go live in the forest every weekend....find some trails... nothing brings you together like being in the wild with good friends.

jarrod 12-05-2013 9:59 AM

It's a test of your physical and mental endurance. A lot of the people that enter the GoRuck don't finish. We're talking about Navy Seals and Army Rangers, some active, some inactive, that can't finish. GoRuck is about seeing how tough you really area. If you've always been the guy that's a little stronger and tougher than everyone else, this is your event.

I do think there is a need for an event that you just described though. It would be cool to morph GoRuck into a real survivor type event in the woods.

load 12-05-2013 1:27 PM

It's addicting! It's really about the people you do it with, even if you have never met them till the event.

For me I love the like minded people I have met in doing challenges, the team work that develops with each class, the realization that this is just a very, very small piece of what our SF troops went through to qualify and that it can always get worse. Also enjoy connecting with Cadre and other veteran participants.

Currently I have completed 4 Challenges each one different and each one was harder than the last. Tomorrow, 12/6 will being doing the Heavy version which is 24 hours, hope I finish this one.

They have other events too, like Navigator. Navigator is about learning land nav., outdoor survival, wilderness first aid, etc. in the mountains (Tahoe for us). The have similar events around 14K Ascents, and Beach excursions.

Too each their own, but it is the current addiction for me.

wakeboardern1 12-05-2013 7:36 PM

Good luck on the Heavy Doug! You'll have to let us know how it is. Maybe some training tips. 24 hours of physical exertion with no sleep and you start seeing some weird things, at least I did at WTM. Freaking ghosts flying around at dawn were freaking me out. Haha. One guy I talked to at the end said he saw his family and friends in the stands cheering him on even though he came out there alone.

You should start chasing that Selection event for next October. I hear it'll be fun. coughnotcough

J-Rod, supposedly they've dialed in the classes now, and their pass rate for the Challenge is at 94 percent. Usually no one drops anymore unless they're seriously hurt or something. The goal now is not to make people quit, or to wear them down completely, it's to show them what they can do, how far they can go beyond what they ever thought capable of themselves.

That being said, as soon as they bump it to the Heavy, the pass rate drops to 50 percent. Selection is <10. They actually dropped the planned selection events for next year in favor of just one class because they had so many classes go "Black" this year and have everyone either fail the PT test or drop out.

Joe, the big thing is that it's a lot more than just survival and hiking. It's literally all about building a team and functioning well as a team. They are a completely different beast from going out and surviving in the woods. However, like Doug said, they now have "Capstone" courses that revolve around those kind of skills. There is no requirement for Bricks and stuff, just survival gear. The Ascent would be the one most like what you're describing.


They also have firearms training days, scavenger hunts, meetings with beer where Cadre and other vets share war stories, etc.

GoRuck has become it's own little subculture. I know I drank it's kool-aid hard. I want to do all of it. Haha.

load 12-06-2013 12:05 PM


Selection is not for me!

I'm an old man!

wakeboardern1 12-06-2013 3:16 PM

Pffffft. Hahaha. How old is too old in your eyes? Because a 69 year old man ran over 100 miles in 24 hours at a local 24 hour ultra back in November despite 13 degree temps. He might also be insane. Hah,

load 12-09-2013 11:15 AM

Well it sucked! Cold, Wet and raining in San Francisco this weekend. Really Cold!

39 started and 39 finished.

wakeboardern1 12-19-2013 3:34 PM

Hell yeah, that's awesome Doug!

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