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d_h_wake 11-08-2012 9:56 AM

Help me choose my 2013 setup, PLEASEE!
Hey, So I need help picking a board that best buts my riding style and bindings.
I loved my Byerly Assault, but its been discontinued.....

I am thinking the Contra, cause I like feeling the pop abruptly under my feet, but prefer going wake 2 wake on most my tricks. I would like a mid speed board as my Assault was toooo slow. Also, I like a board that tracks well in the water, as my assault was very sticky in the water. As for release off the wake, I would prefer a board that is quick off the wake.

As for bindings I used to love my Ronix Cell but again... they were discontinued....
So I am some one who is into a stiff boot, but like a snug snowboard boot like feel.


stephan 11-08-2012 11:16 AM

You should check out Rathy's new board the AR-1. It is a continuous board so it has lots of speed but it carries a lot of width so there is a big pop off the top. I wouldn't call it sticky on the water but it has a thin edge near the tips and a slight hooked rail for grip on edge.

tdelong 11-08-2012 1:04 PM

This is kind of funny. I went from Cells on the Byerly Assault to Cells on the Ronix Mana. It's an extremely aggressive board with a ton of pop so you'll go wake to wake instead of wake to flats. It is faster than the assault as well and very responsive especially with the cells. I actually took a belt sander to my assault bc I hated how it stuck to the water and the Mana tracks well but still has plenty of room to feel safe about not catching an edge. I also liked the One but my brother has two versions of that so I can use that whenever and thats why I went with the Mana. As far as the Cells go, Well mine are still holdin up so I'm gonna stick with em for as long as I can.

chillinoj 11-08-2012 1:26 PM

Tryout a Liquid Force S4, by far my favorite board. I had an assualt for a while, but due to those giant molded in fins i had the same problem you did with it feeling "sticky". I haven't seen the new colors for 2013, but they haven't changed the shape in years so can also be a great deal to get an older model.

gotwake133 11-09-2012 8:51 PM

The new code 55 boots are essentially the same as the cells.

ironj32 11-10-2012 9:44 AM


Originally Posted by gotwake133 (Post 1793930)
The new code 55 boots are essentially the same as the cells.

Ditto. I've been riding the Code55 boots for a few months now, and they feel pretty much exactly like the Cells did.

TBell 11-10-2012 3:13 PM

From everything that you said you want in a board, the Contra would be perfect! I rode the Contra for about half of the season (before switching to the Baker) and I can vouch that it truly has everything you want. Its ultra-fast on the water, tracks great but is still loose enough to have some fun! The pop on the Contra is explosive! The fusion core adds a bit of flex so it gets a nice snap off the wake as well as 3 stage pop, and the landings will still be softer than any board with that size of rocker! If you can demo it first I'd definitely recommend it! I know you'll end your set with a smile

Delt725 11-11-2012 12:08 PM

The new (shape started in 2012) Ronix One board is a beast. Tracks well, has speed when you want it, great consistent pop, the rounded surf edge thru the middle makes it more forgiving, and the flat spot in the middle helps the forgiveness as well. Definitely worth a demo if you can.

501s 11-11-2012 1:47 PM

I second the new Ronix One. Took a few sets to get used too but I live the board. Seems to be just right all around. Holds a great edge, very nice pop and lands nice. My favorite board so far.

slipknot 11-12-2012 7:46 AM

2013 LF Super Trip

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