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cj1 11-05-2012 1:06 PM

Hyperlite Murray Nova Core
Hey guys so i just recently bought a 2012 hyperlite murray nova core only because i got a great deal on it and i was wondering if anyone has ridden this board before or has heard any reviews on it? I mainly ride cable but i like to ride boat on occasion and figured id either use it for boat only or end up selling it. If anyone has any input it would be much appreciated, thanks.

stephan 11-05-2012 1:15 PM

My buddy has ridden the Murray for the last few years and he really likes the board. It has good speed, really good pop and pretty soft landings. I've ridden it a few times and liked it but prefer a board with a quicker release off the wake. Those fins go all the way to the end and you really have to wait for the very top to release.

Bam6961 11-05-2012 6:51 PM

I picked up a 2011 murray nova this year and so far its ok, i mean i dont looove it and definitely dont hate it. I really like how light the board is and the pop is about average. I used to have a 2005 premier 130. In comparison the murray is alot looser and for i while i kept slipping out on landings cuz i wasnt used to it. Its definitely faster than the premier and the it releases off the wake faster. I didnt notice much difference in landings,
i also have ridden the byerly blunt and i would say the pop on the blunt is a little more abrupt than the murray. The murray board is definitley alot lighter and the blunt has a tad more tracking but still looser that the premier. Speed would go to the murray but just by a little. Should also note that i weight 120 so the feel of the board might vary.

I see the murray as just the perfect average board, it has average speed, pop, and landings, and its quite loose. Im happy with it.

cj1 11-05-2012 6:55 PM

Thanks guys i had a 2011 murray bio and wasnt sure if it would be any different than the nova. I also weigh 120 so your description should be dead on thanks :D

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