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11-05-2012 11:17 AM

82* tomorrow in Sac...looking for a pull
Look out your window...it's gorgeous out! Will be tomorrow, too. I used to own a Wakesetter 247 so I can drive, trailer, whatever you need done. I'm always good for cash and will wipe down the boat like it was my own baby!

Gnargnar 11-05-2012 1:28 PM

Check your fbook messages Kathleen

pomp530 11-05-2012 7:54 PM

Trying to hit the delta tomorrow.

11-07-2012 6:53 AM

Thanks, Robert. I got my pull yesterday...it was gorgeous out there! I hope you get to go out today, as the forecast is calling for rain for a few days starting tomorrow. I ride all year long...have dry suit, will ride! PM me anytime you need a third!

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