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bmurr716 11-02-2012 1:11 PM

Church in orlando area
My wife an i are in orlando now, moved from CO and are lookin for a church. Any wakeboarders in orlado that attend an could suggest one?

tings00 11-02-2012 2:19 PM

here you go: http://www.lds.org/rcmaps/?lang=eng#...-81.379235%22}

spencercoon 11-02-2012 2:24 PM

^ +1

fly135 11-03-2012 8:24 AM

Northland in Longwood is a very popular non-denominational church. If you want a church with real Christian values vs right wing faux xtians then Northland is a good place.


bmurr716 11-06-2012 9:15 AM

Thanks guys. Appreciate the info. We tried discovery on saturday night an enjoyed it but not gonna set in yet before tryin a few options. I did for get to say Non-denominational in my thread but meant to. I think when we get back in 2 weeks we will check out Northland. Thanks again guys

wakecumberland 11-06-2012 11:16 AM

^^^ +2

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