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magic 10-27-2012 7:31 PM

Xbox and SmartGlass
Anyone else try out SmartGlass with thier Xbox? I've playing around with it since yesterday and really liking it.

Might reflash my Kindle Fire up to a Jellybean (4.x) ROM to try out the Android version

10-31-2012 9:43 AM

What is smart glass?

magic 10-31-2012 9:58 AM


Originally Posted by deltahoosier (Post 1792149)
What is smart glass?


Let's you control the console via phone or tablet, also for some content and games it provides a second screen. So you would be able to see the map for the game you are playing on the tablet and keep playing on the TV. You can also use the keyboard on the phone or tablet to input on the console, like when browsing web sites.

Down the road more and more games and movies will use this and give you more interaction. I'm waiting for the iOS version to come out so my wife can use her iPad to control the 360. Right now I have been using it via my Windows Phone,. The app is out for Android but needs Jellybean to work, I don't have any of my 'Droid devices on Jellybean yet.

10-31-2012 7:40 PM

Huh. May have to look into it. I know Xbox is trying to become the primary home media center. They just did some updates. It will probably blow up when they introduce the new Xbox

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