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kme3113 10-25-2012 9:03 AM

Hitting Sliders at Cable
I have only had the chance to ride at the cable a few times this year and finally got up the nerve to hit some sliders. I still feel like I am not doing it correctly though. I always feel like I am going too fast when approaching.. Just wondering if its best to ride up the angle at the begining 50-50 then turn the board or is it easier to hop up with the board already in a board slide position? When I see other people hitting the rails they make it look so easy but for some reason I feel like I am doing it wrong. Any input would be appreciated from you cable vets out there.

benjaminp 10-25-2012 9:23 AM

I try to turn the board before I land on the obstacle, but that's because I think it looks better. If its easier for you to 50-50 on and then turn, then that's the best option for you right now. The speed thing can only really be fixed by getting used to it, so just keep hitting them, you'll feel more comfortable with repetition.

wakedaveup 10-25-2012 9:36 AM

I agree with Ben, when it comes to the speed you simply just have to keep doing it. I moved to Orlando a year ago and have started riding cable. I grew up riding boat so it's a totally new feel. I can land crow mobes behind a boat and cant even do a scare crow off a kicker on the cable. Lately the more I go the better feel I have. Just stick with it and keep shredding! Repition and muscle memory are clutch. If there is one piece of advice I can give you on sliders, always keep the handle on your hip or center of gravity.

fly135 10-25-2012 9:58 AM

You are over thinking it. Just do what comes naturally. Keep your knees bent and your weight centered over the board, and don't lean back anticipating that the board will drag. If you do get pulled over forward or fall backwards hang on to the rope so that you get pulled clear of the slider. The speed is not an issue. It's only a psychological factor.

Generally you will be starting with a heelside edge so the board will be at a bit of an angle. Too little momentum and the cable will tend to pull you off. This is normal. If you feel yourself being pulled off then it's best to hop off rather than slide off especially if the slider has angled side. No matter what the key is relax and don't sweat it.

WRT to rotating the board, this will be natural and happen itself. The work comes when you want to perform specific maneuvers that don't come natural. By that time you already be comfortable hitting the slider. The reason it looks so easy is because it is. The hardest part is when you are just starting and the incline looks so menacing each time you approach it.

kme3113 10-25-2012 3:56 PM

Thanks for all the advice! I have made it all the way to the end a few times but when hit the incline i feel like its popping me up a bit. I probably just need to bend my knees a little more and stay relaxed. Its defiantley a sketchy feeling that I am not used to at the moment. Luckily only took one bad spill slid out and took the rail in the shins and slide a ways before face first into the water! I went ahead and made that my last run haha.. figured I might as well come back to it with a little more confidence. So once I get comfortable riding up it I guess the next progression would be to actually ollie up on it. I am looking forward to being able to just board slide the whole thing everytime then hopefully add some style. Anyof you guys ride at Hydrous in Allen?

kme3113 10-29-2012 11:40 AM

Thanks for the advice everyone!... I finally made it to the end of a slider although I had no style going on yet. It was just exciting to finally feel some confidence on this thing.
[IMG]<a href="http://s1130.beta.photobucket.com/user/kme3113/library/" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1130.photobucket.com/albums/m532/kme3113/photo.jpg" border="0" alt="photo"/></a>[/IMG]

behindtheboat 10-29-2012 12:36 PM

Ask for advice in line, or get a quick private lesson with one of the Pros and they can help you out a ton.

kme3113 10-29-2012 1:52 PM

good idea... I never thought about that. I will give it a try next season..I think with my old age I prefer warmer weather and water

behindtheboat 10-29-2012 2:41 PM

It's going to be beautiful this weekend, and it's more than comfortable in a fullsuit for quite a while into winter.

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