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Kane 10-24-2012 12:35 PM

Hey all, I was watching this clip of two wakeboarders in Germany (I think). Cool little video.
And although the second rider is technically better, I thought the first section was much more enjoyable to watch.
But I can't explain why........
Is it style? The second rider looked much more robotic or something, can someone tailor their tricks to be more stylish?
Is it just better photography in the first section?
Or can I just not forgive ski gloves?.... :D

Opinions on the back of a stamped address post please :)

ShredCandlewood 10-24-2012 2:43 PM

I actually liked watching the second set MUCH better

irishrider92 10-24-2012 2:48 PM

To me, style is just they way someone makes a trick look like its nothing to them. Grabbing, tweaking, etc are all things that you can't do on a trick until you have it quite comfortable. Personally I thought the second rider was better on the rails. She didn't look like she was popping/charging at the kicker as hard as the first girl, but I thought she looked more comfortable on the rails, pressing more, and spinning the way she did with the board first.

Style is like art. There's no bad art, just unpopular art. So no-one can have a bad style, but people will like some more than others

King12 10-25-2012 6:09 PM

I think you got suckered by the first girl waving at you ;)

Kane 10-26-2012 12:18 PM

She was waving at me wasn't she :D

benjaminp 10-26-2012 6:15 PM

I really dont have a preference, both girls shred and I love it! Great video

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