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VinnyA 10-23-2012 5:28 AM

WTB Orange CTRL Supreme
I have been looking for awhile with no luck. Always asking me for Euros :( anyone know where I could find one? Preferably orange and 142cm. I'm 5'8", 170lbs so I think I'm right in between sizes but I'd prefer the 142.

Thank you!


steezyshots 10-23-2012 8:32 AM

I think Wakesport Ranch in Texas is a dealer

fly135 10-23-2012 8:49 AM


Says Blue or Orange but no way to select. Probably need to call. I bought my RX from these guys.

joh 11-01-2012 2:44 AM

Orange was limited edition. dificult to find

Hooya 11-01-2012 5:47 AM

seen a few in the UK but you are looking @ the same in ús as you would in $s for a board over here. Then you have to add in shipping.

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