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cyclone18 10-21-2012 1:47 AM

Coming to the U.S! What to do, What to See?
G'day all, As the Title Suggests my girl and i are coming over the U.S from Aus. i am wondering if some of you can suggest some places to see, things to do etc. i am not sure when we will be coming but we are in the early stages of planning and learning about whats what. so far this is what we are hoping to do.

) Arrive in L.A
) Supercross Or Motocross (Depending on Season)
) see Citadel Factory Outlets
) Universal Studios
) Disney Land
) Vegas
) Grand Canyon
) Lake Powel
) Malibu/Supra/Nautique Factorys
) BTO Sports (Motocross Store)
) Bass Pro Store
)Nascar Race

as most of you guys will see, most of what we want to see and do is on the east coast, and some in texas etc. but do you think it is worth going over to florida and the like? please excuse my naivety, but any help or feedback is much appreciated. also is the disney land in florida much better than C.A?

cyclone18 10-21-2012 3:09 AM

West Coast I mean*

jeff359 10-21-2012 7:09 AM

You staying a few months? Thats alot to cram into one trip.

westsidarider 10-21-2012 11:50 AM

You have some retail store visiting on your list. My recommendation.... Skip the stores. A store is a store. There are billions of them across the globe. Stick to the attractions and events like the Moto/sx, NASCAR, Disney, etc. if you have a minute and happen to be in the same town as one of the retail locations pop in but I wouldn't suggest making a huge ordeal about it. Lake Powell is quite a trek from LA, roughly a 14hr drive. Amazing place though. If you can swing it a Vegas and Powell trip would be awesome

magic 10-21-2012 12:19 PM

ya, bump Vegas up higher on that list and skip retail locations. Once in Vegas you can do get your retail fix and then for a stark contrast some cool things out of the city like day trips and helicopter rides to the surrounding area.

stuey 10-22-2012 10:04 AM

^^^ I agree on the Vegas comment. It's a must see city and tons of stuff you can do. There's all the retail you could ask for in Vegas, including two outlet malls (Premium outlets to the north of the strip and another one with an off Saks to the south). You could do a lot of your shopping there.

I hear you on the retail.. I'm in Canada and even the stores i visit in the US are totally different so it's nice to check out different stuff. I wouldn't go crazy out of the way but sounds like you are doing lots of traveling so won't be too hard to find all the places you want to hit.

Disneyland in FL (Disney World) is much larger than CA, but it's generally the same thing. There are some things exclusive to each one but not worth making the trip for in my opinion. FL is still pretty far from CA so it's a decent amount of flying, so if you end up with your last stop in FL it's an extra 5ish hours on your flight back home. Basically if you are going for 2-4 weeks, stick to the west and texas.. if you are staying for 6+ might as well see as much as you can. Hope that helps

diamonddad 10-22-2012 10:19 AM

The USA is very large. It would be hard to see it all in one trip. I would focus on a region. For example, the southwest...

Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
Napa Valley
Mnt Whitney
Death Valley
Grand Canyon
Hoover Dam

steezyshots 10-22-2012 10:52 AM

Forget it all and just go to vegas!

cyclone18 10-22-2012 4:30 PM

thanks guys, appreciate your input. i didnt mention that we would probly be going for around 6 weeks to make it worth it and see as much as we can! i see what you mean about all the driving/flying from one side to the other etc.. so it got me thinking about possibly hiring a motorhome or a car and just making it one massive roadtrip! whats your thoughts? thanks again

rdlangston13 10-22-2012 7:02 PM

Grand Canyon
Hoover Dam
Lake Powell
Las Vegas
Colorado Rockies
San Antonio, TX
Trinity, TX (find someone to take you boarding on the river)
New Orleans, LA
Nashville, TN
Mooresville, NC (pretty much the head quarters for most major NASCAR teams)
Washington DC
Mount Rushmore
Red wood Forest in northern CA

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