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rexlex01 10-20-2012 8:24 AM

Advice needed for removing oxidation
I tried Meguiars products but makes it worse. Advice needed


Truekaotik 10-20-2012 9:40 AM

You'll need to high speed buff it.. Depending on how oxidized it is will determine if you use a heavy compound or medium one. Then you'll want to buff it with Finesse It 2 and then Wax with a polymer wax.. If it doesn't show improvement with the first heavy buff, you'll need to lightly sand the affected area, then follow the buff procedure... :)

chpthril 10-20-2012 10:12 AM

Looking at the link, you have a polishing sponge pad. What you need medium compounding pad. Its course, not soft like a sponge. With that and a variable-speed or adjustable speed buffer and 3M Finesse, you should make some progress. I like a variable speed or adjustable speed motor over a single speed so you dont burn the gel-coat or take too much off in one spot. What it looks to me on those pics is more of just faded gel-coat as opposed to oxidation. This will be harder to blend to the gel that was under the decals then oxidation. It may take stepping up to a courser pad and or a harder compound. Once you get it where you like, then finish with a polish, then wax.

Truekaotik 10-20-2012 10:56 AM

Ah didn't look at the link... Thats alot of talk for not getting anywhere :) That is fade plus minor oxidation, you'll need to lightly wet sand the area first with very fine sand paper. Then buff it with light compound.. Do not use the color restorer, you want a "compound" or "cutter". If you prefer 3m then get the oxidation remover, it has enough sand or "grit" to work after the wet sand.. You have a Finnish pad, you'll want the 3m bumpy foam pad. The reason is you need agitation to the area as well as the heat and grit.. The solid surface pad you have is a "Finnish" pad. Only use it with the finesse it 2... Then wax it with polymer...

kko13 10-20-2012 6:18 PM

IMPO...You need some Aqua Buff 1000 w/a wool pad and a variable speed buffer. Its like wetsanding with a buffer. Then follow up with a sealer and wax. I used this stuff after trying the 3M stuff..AB.did a much better job cutting away the fade/oxidation.

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