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Midnightv10 10-19-2012 3:15 PM

Check this out...
I think I would take one of these over the "water jet pack"


joeshmoe 10-19-2012 3:38 PM

how much does it cost? definitely cool!

snork 10-19-2012 6:01 PM

Fail without 4wd

retoxtony 10-20-2012 10:35 AM

Cool idea as a novelty. I cant see it being much good as a ATV or a Jetski and i bet it costs as much or more than buying one of each.

wakerider111 10-21-2012 2:11 AM

so how does licensing work for that?
would you have to get road and water? seems like you would

smitty1258 10-21-2012 8:06 AM

wonder what happens when you "beach" it with the wheels up, if it is strong enough to lift itself up while deploying the wheels.

matt75 10-21-2012 8:55 AM


Uhhh....you could buy a nice boat for that.

camassanger 10-21-2012 11:39 AM

Unimpressed - neither is optimized, you'd have to settle for a quad the size of a small car and a less manueverable wave runner... Cool idea, but for the price you can have a cool quad and a nice wave runner (but not the 4 cylinders, which is cool :-)

dougr 10-21-2012 1:37 PM

the worst of both worlds, it would break the first day out.

boardman74 10-21-2012 3:12 PM

40K, Really? You could buy top of the line ATV and jet ski for way less and both would perform way better. Looks way to wide to be a usable ATV.

tdelong 10-21-2012 8:15 PM

My mom used to work for Gibbs technology a few years ago. But she worked for the military humvee/boat division. There was a total of three: humvee/boat, car/ boat and quad/jet ski. They cut the first two programs however.

nitrousbird 10-26-2012 9:44 PM

I just looked over the specs again. I didn't realize how heavy this thing is. 1300lbs! If I roll my Raptor over me it's going to hurt. I roll this thing over me and I'm dead.

boardman74 10-28-2012 12:40 PM

Thats more than some side by sides and buggy's at that weight.

srock 10-29-2012 9:02 AM

We all know compromise on the water with our boats. They are good at one thing and bad at another and no one boat can do it all. Why would you spend $40 grand on an item that is a huge compromise in every area of performance unless you can just throw money at another toy.

BrtnDan 10-29-2012 2:19 PM

because you never know when you're going to have to escape

canucked 10-29-2012 3:19 PM

this would be sweet for my commute....stuck in traffic on river valley road? I don't think so....queue Mission Impossible theme song.

jperkinsttu 10-30-2012 5:56 AM

Seems like a smugglers dream

srock 10-30-2012 8:12 AM


Originally Posted by BrtnDan (Post 1791845)
because you never know when you're going to have to escape

Good point, I'll take the camo model.

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