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bigboarder21 10-16-2012 8:14 PM

More Photoshop Help
I know how to turn a picture into black and white and then use the history tool to turn some of it back to the original picture. I have two questions about that.

1) what is that called?

2) is there a way to change the black and white to sepia or something else? if so how?

I guess that is 3 but i'm counting it as 2. I have photoshop cs5.1 thank you for all your help

wakeridercwb 10-31-2012 8:20 PM

1. the name i think youre looking for is called "color selection"

2. I do it a slightly different way than you do it which is i make a selection of what i want to be in the original color (using whatever tool you want and refining the edge) and then copy that selection to a new layer. From there, you can do whatever you want with the background layer (saturation, hue, temperature, ect.)

let me know if you need any further help!

Walt 11-01-2012 9:17 PM

You can do sepia in photoshop but check out Topaz labs B&W plug in.

dakid 11-02-2012 3:54 PM

it's called played out!

just kidding. it's called selective color. use it wisely...and sparingly.

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