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JTaylor 10-16-2012 6:08 AM

Suggestions on Wet Sounds speaker choice?
I just bought a '12 Wakesetter VLX. It only has the standard 6 Rockford speakers, small 2 channel amp and dual batteries. I would like to either put to Rev10's on the tower with a SYN4 running it, OR should I replace the boat speakers with XS-650's with a SYN4. I know that these two installs would be somewhat close in cost and I would like to know which is going to be the best step to take. I'm afraid the Rockfords may not be able to keep up with the Rev10's, but I really don't know. Help please?!

FunkyBunch 10-16-2012 7:24 AM

IMO I would get the REV-10's and have the system tuned before I replaced the in-boats. The Rev-10's will give you great sound at a good distance that you can not get easily from stock tower speakers. Its amazing how much the tune will help the in-boats so you get the best bang for your buck. I am more of a rider so I prefer the music while riding and we turn the in-boats almost off with the ws-420 so we can still talk in the boat.

dougr 10-16-2012 7:37 AM

the rev 10s rock and you only need one set, i would also just tune the inboats and see how well they sound, the ws-420 is a great option too. I put a syn 4 to my 6 xs650 inboats and it worked well, i would check to see the how much your inboats can handle and maybe add a new inboat amp that will bump up the total watts.

david_e_m 10-16-2012 8:28 AM

Most people will tell you that the most recent series of Rockford Fosgate in-boat marine coaxials are pretty good ONCE they are properly powered. Also, you should highpass the in-boat 6.5" coaxials even if you do not have a subwoofer. By removing the frequencies below what the speaker can reproduce, you dramatically clean up the remaining fullrange. In any case, I do not see the impetus to replace what you already have, especially when it's decent quality. Instead, add what you don't have. You will get plenty of residual radiation in the boat from the tower speakers. With the Wetsounds REV10s you will know that you have the very best.

Earmark Marine

Truekaotik 10-16-2012 10:44 AM

Easy answer to the question... Rev10's first..

murphy_smith 10-16-2012 12:24 PM

I saw that you posted on TMB and I answered you over there as well.

I was in the same predicament when I took my boat over to Earmark about 15 months ago. I already knew that I wanted to put good power to the Rockford's in the boat and make an amp choice that would allow to to also power from WS XS 650's if I ended up switiching to them.

David and his guys put a Syn 4 Equivalent on the 6 Fosgates in the boat and we never looked back. I used to use the XS 650's in my old boat with a Syn4 and they sounded great but I could justify the cost at 275 per pair for a gain that I felt I did not need.

The Rev 10's on the Syn 4 is a no brainer. If you have extra cash to spend in leiu of the 6.5" speakers then I would look at your battery setup and potentially spending a little more on the sub.

polarbill 10-16-2012 2:32 PM

Personally I would rather find a good amp or 2 to run the RF interiors and a sub before I started on the tower. Just my opinion though. Between your 2 choices you mentioned I would probably go towers instead of XS650's.

boardman74 10-16-2012 3:26 PM

Towers and amp are a better option. IMO.

kko13 10-16-2012 6:54 PM

IMPO adding Revs and syn4 is the way to go. Then I would add a sub with amp then change out the in boat speakers and amp.

dougr 10-16-2012 7:45 PM

you could get a large 6 channel amp to run the in boats and a good sub, the syn 4 for the rev's and you are done. 3 batteries and an on board charger, you would be able to run for days. i have 3 syn 4s, a jl600.1 for a xs12 sub, 6 in boats xs650s and 2 sets or rev10,s i would have never had bought 2 sets of rev 10s but had a chance to so did, not needed but killes, and i thought i would have no battery power. If you get efficient amps, you can run for ever. I have on onboard charger but only charge a day a week or less. we have never had a problem and have run for 6 hours straight in the cove cranking it. I learned the hard way on my last 2 boats. i tried to cut costs, buy cheap and it always came back to bite me in the @ss. Take the extra time to save a little more and get the better gear. nothing is worse than hitting the lake with your buddies and the batteries fail, amps shut down, over heat, cut out etc etc. do it the right way. good luck

JTaylor 10-16-2012 9:58 PM

Thanks for all the input guys. I will definitely be going with the REV10s w/SYN4 and another SYN4 to tune my Rockfords plus WS-420.

JTaylor 10-16-2012 9:59 PM

I was looking at Dual Pro Chargers, any suggestions on what series I should go with?

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