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SBRS 10-15-2012 2:36 PM

G25 Demo Day - Superior Boat Repair & Sales
This Saturday the Nautique Rep (Greg Dick) will be making a stop with his 2013 Super Air Nautique G25 at Superior Boat Repair & Sales. Come out and take a ride behind Nautiques newest boat.
"The G25 is a beast, you can comfortably fit nineteen people, wakeboard and surf the biggest wake out there, and best yet this twenty five foot boat handles like a sports car!"
- Shawn Watson
Call or email us to set your time! We will be taking up to nineteen people per session. First session is at 10AM. Second is at noon and the last is at 2PM. We will be meeting at the Brown's Ravine / Hobie Cove launch ramp. ( Folsom Lake)

migs 10-15-2012 3:27 PM

someone PLEASE take a pic of the wake with the 19 people and all internal ballast filled.
Thats WAKEBOARD wake, NOT surf.
Thanks :)

markj 10-16-2012 8:39 AM

I thought Folsom was going to be 5 mph for the rest of the year.

jarrod 10-16-2012 9:10 AM

"The G25 is a beast, you can comfortably fit nineteen people, wakeboard and surf the biggest wake out there, and best yet this twenty five foot boat handles like a sports car!"

Only one of those things sounds cool. :-)

ryanw209 10-20-2012 4:09 PM

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Just got back from the demo and wow.... That boat is amazing. Everything about the G25 is in a class of it's own. I guess the best way to describe the wake would be if you took an old 210 wake and set it on top of a malibu wake. Huge transition and crazy kick off the top. The water conditions were pretty bad but here are some pics. We had full ballast(2850lbs I believe) and 10 people in the boat. Riders are at 75ft and around 24mph. Thank you Bob Bense of Superior Boat Repair & Sales and Greg Dick for letting us take a set on this amazing boat!

wakebordr11 10-20-2012 5:53 PM

Wow that thing looks crazy!! It looks like its got more of a lip than the G23, anyone able to compare the two?

ixfe 10-20-2012 8:56 PM

I demo’d the G25 on Thursday up here in Portland. Gary Dick (Nautique Rep) spent the day with folks on the Willamette River with a G25 (550hp motor). I got to drive the boat (pulling my 12 year old daughter), ride behind the boat, and watch a great rider who was out with us as well.

In short… there is nothing not to like about this boat. As others have said, Nautique thought of just about everything. Things I noticed that I liked:
  • Storage, storage, storage. Damn! There is so much storage.
  • Love the hinged cushions that simply open upwards
  • Thought I would hate the SeaDek floor, but I could get used to it. I didn’t think it made the boat loud like I thought it would
  • Loved the web-like bungies of the racks
  • Cooler in the floor, easy-access panels in the walk through for trash, battery switch, fuses, etc.
  • Tower is great… easy up and down with one person, pre-wired for your GoPro, and even a place to stash the 5’ cord extensions you are not using (so they don’t just dangle in the boat)
  • The rear facing seat is cool. I have been critical of this in the past. But it was cool to sit on that double seat with my daughter and watch really good riding (video below).
  • The wake is HUGE and STEEP. And it has no trough. Just flat water until you hit it.
  • Also, with the ballast empty the wake is clean at about 19mph with four grown men inside. Not bad considering the weight of this boat.

Yes, this boat is expensive (more than I’ll ever spend), but it’s A LOT of boat. For folks who can afford it, I say why not?

Thanks for Gary, a very nice guy, for giving my daughter and I a pull in this wake machine!

Here are a few pics and an iPhone video (unfortunately the video was shot directly into the sun) of the stock wake @ 23.5mph with three adults + one kid in the boat. The rider (not me) is on a 2012 Ronix One.



<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/-E4W4xA9jJI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

ryanw209 10-21-2012 4:57 PM

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This was the same boat as the one you demoed in Portland. Greg Dick came here with it after he left you. Some more pictures of the boat:

10-22-2012 8:40 PM

Can anyone comment on the hull and accent color?

Is it masters blue or vapor blue?

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