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SDEndurance 10-14-2012 5:45 AM

so cal help
Hey guys in so cal, I've posted in the thirds section but ill post here. I'm super bummed the boat I was going on for a sunrise run cancelled because its too cold. I'm looking to be a 3rd anywhere in so cal...el capitan,elsinore, perris, mission bay,... I'm a decent boat driver, reliable, punctual, and wll bring gas $/food...whatever. I can go both weekend days and some weekdays. I have a wetsuit and will go in any weather. And I can usually find another person. Email me at jennenergy@gmail.com or text/call 858 414-2160 :-)

bftskir 10-14-2012 7:09 PM

Jenny? Isn't your number 867-530Nieeeine?

SDEndurance 10-14-2012 10:18 PM

no, sorry, must be a different Jenny :)

johnny_defacto 10-15-2012 11:45 AM

lol... nice way to get a Tommy Tutone reference into a wakeboarding forum :D

Sing it Jenny, then it will make sense

SDEndurance 10-15-2012 1:10 PM

Haha wow can't believe I missedthat conidering I've heard that song sung to me a bagillion times. My bad, I need to wake up ;-)

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