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seandaviswake 10-10-2012 2:07 PM

Best Vests on the Market
Looking to get a new Vest this year any ideas?

10-10-2012 2:21 PM

My 12' Ronix One comp jacket looks SICK but sucks when it comes to taking it off. The material they used doesn't stretch at all. I've ripped the stitching in the pit area because it was so tight. I also have broad shoulders so that might be why.

wakebordr11 10-10-2012 2:25 PM

I hear Oneill makes great CGA vests that fit very comfortable and light. I know everyone has their own opinions, as do I, but my crew and I choose to always ride with CGA vests, I've never seen a missed trick due to a CGA vest but I have seen my buddy and myself (tried once) destroy himself on raleys and you float, so that's always fun.

runin90lx 10-10-2012 2:39 PM

I have an Oneill comp vest and it floats just as well as my neoprene cga vest I wore before. Just fyi

DatTexasBoy 10-10-2012 2:42 PM

I have an Oneill also and love it. It floats really well.

wakeboardern1 10-10-2012 2:48 PM

I'm a huge fan of all of the billabong vests that are part of brian grubb's line. This year it was a front zip that doesn't feel like it has a zipper.

joshugan 10-10-2012 3:10 PM

I love my Jetpilot Shane pullover vest. But there's lots of great stuff out there.

jburbo 10-10-2012 3:15 PM

we are still running a sale on all the Phalanx vests. We have a front zip and a rear zip that are super comfortable, and still float you pretty well.

Nordicron 10-10-2012 3:20 PM

Oneill revenge! Very nice hidden buckle system!

ironj32 10-10-2012 3:30 PM

Oneill Revenge CGA!

ilikebeaverandboats 10-10-2012 3:51 PM

Ive loved my old helium flack jacket, their lumbar support system is killer!

Bumpass1 10-10-2012 4:59 PM

I have 2 guys that ride with me that both have the O'Neill Revenge CGA vest. They both like them, but I have seen both guys take some crashes where the zipper came down on impact. Not sure I would recommend that.

ottog1979 10-10-2012 5:34 PM

X4 Oneill Revenge CGA!

10-10-2012 5:50 PM

Check it out....


kmac1587 10-10-2012 6:05 PM

I was using a comp vest because I liked the form fit, until I learned that there were big fines on NH lakes for the rider AND driver if marine patrol catches you.

So I switched to a CGA Watson pull over vest and am glad I bought it. The vest is sick! Its super form fit, has a ton of room under the arms and has so many breaks in the vest that I dont feel like im wearing something I cant move around and bend in. I would highly recommend it.


10-10-2012 6:35 PM

My helium cga jacket fits like a glove and isnt bulky compared to others, although they dont make them any more. But I can 2nd the Watson pullover cga vest. Its pretty darn comfy.

VinnyA 10-10-2012 7:35 PM


Picked one of these up at the beginning of August and have loved it every single day since. The fit is comparable to a Ronix Capella which I also tried on in August. For being CGA it still doesn't feel obtrusive on my body. The armholes allow freedom of motion on handlepasses, and the cut of the floating patches doesn't really affect the way you throw your shoulders back on tantrums or BRtoRs which I had a problem with previous vests. At this price, it's really unbeatable. Looking forward to more wonderful things from Phalanx. If you have any problems, Joe Burbo will take great care of you. The website wouldn't work for my brother and I when we were purchasing vests and he went out of his way to msg me his number so he could fix it while being available every step of the way.
Can't say enough wonderful things about this product/Joe's customer service.

tampawake 10-11-2012 11:39 AM

Vin I have the Phalanx non CG and love it. Its cut a bit long which I like alot since I am taller. Might buy a CG for cable. I would suggest ordering a size smaller in my opinion. Oh and great customer service as well.

JoLo_Si 10-11-2012 11:51 AM

GCA: LF Hinge, Good cut, pretty thin and inexpensive

Non-CGA: HO Syndicate, I know it's a ski company but it fits and floats really well and is cut as long as any of them.

stuey 10-11-2012 11:58 AM

Those body glove custom are pretty sick - I played around with the link posted above and there's a lot of customizing you can do. $200 but pretty cool to have something unique.

ryanw209 10-11-2012 1:41 PM

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I would recommend the new LF Flex comp since it has a front zipper or the Oneill Revenge comp or CGA. Cant go wrong with either...

behindtheboat 10-12-2012 8:54 AM

Oneill Revenge CGA. They've got patents on it, it's that good.

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