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cowwboy 10-09-2012 2:30 PM

Tige' whale tail?
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I just saw this on facebook.
So they just make an extension of the hull and kind of round it up.
Personally it looks like they are trying to catch up after malibu.

bspot5 10-09-2012 2:42 PM

Very interesting.

polarbill 10-09-2012 2:46 PM

I am not sure they are jsut trying to catch up to malibu but I am sure they, like most companies are trying to figure out how to make a good intermediate level surf wake without having to throw a ton of weight in the boat and list it way over. Also probably want to try and find a way to switch from side to side quickly. There are probably lots of families that have no interest in filling all their storage with water ballast, listing the boat dangerously over and taking 10 minutes to get the boat listed.

It looks like an extension of the convex V or whatever they call it. With it rounded like that it should pull the transom down and it appears to be 2 sperate pieces so you can put the one on the surf side all the way up and the other all the way down. It will be interesting to see how it affects the wakeboard wake as well as the cruising and time to plane.

boardman74 10-09-2012 3:03 PM

Interesting for sure. Is that something they are putting on boats now. Am in the process of buying a 2013 and the dealer sure never mentioned that. The owner is at the Tige dealers meeting this week and I will be dropping off my trade to him Friday when he returns from Texas. I'll have to get him to fill me in on that.

simplej 10-09-2012 3:13 PM

giant taps plate?

10-09-2012 3:17 PM

I would think that it would push the wave and wake father back behind the boat. It looks like an extension of the hull. Where as right now, the wake starts off the back of the boat and the platform blocks 3 feet of space, this addition might make the wake start at the back of the platform therefore pushing the whole wave father out to make it safer?

Just an idea. We all have shot the board at the back of the boat a few times.

simplej 10-09-2012 3:22 PM

if it adds 2/3 feet of boats worth of displacement... aka 23 foot of boat for 20 foot boat? if it can actuate like a trim tab then this could be a massive change, larger plate area= faster times to plane, more displacement little to no effect of the swimdeck for a surf wave...

more will come soon im sure

bruizza 10-09-2012 3:28 PM

Rumor has it is backwards compatible. So you won't need a 2013 to get whatever the heck that thing is.

hco 10-09-2012 5:49 PM

Well, it's hideous.

boardman74 10-09-2012 6:18 PM

I hope it would be backwards compatible since None of the 2013's I have seen have it. Maybe it's slated for 2014.

Hideous?? Really? Does it matter what it looks like? It's going to be under water. Matters if it works and makes a difference. Is a trim tab, surf tabs, wedge, or others attractive?

Truekaotik 10-09-2012 6:24 PM

It actually looks like one solid piece... It must drop from side to side ( by the convex and center fin inside) and "catch" the water like a wedge or blade but on just one side? It definitly don't look like two pieces? Unless I'm missing something? :) either way its cool to watch this sport take off..

hco 10-09-2012 6:26 PM

It's just more **** on boats that already have too much stuff. Is it activated electronically? Hydraulics? Is it manual like a wedge? How easy can it be removed for garage storage? I don't really care for wakesurfing, will be interesting how much people are willing to pay to have 'better' surf wakes.

882001 10-09-2012 6:36 PM

im interested in seeing what it does.

cowwboy 10-09-2012 6:58 PM

It looks to be bolted to the swim platform so I'd think it just comes off with the swim platform.

tonyv420 10-09-2012 9:15 PM

I love attention, so listing the boat is fun to me. I can’t wakeboard anymore so this is what I do. I totally understand that people don’t want to fill ballast and list their boat. It’s funny to see all the manufactures scrambling to get the best surf wave, it’s like they forgot about wakeboarding! All the ads in the magazines for the diff boat manufactures show surfing. I still love to watch wakeboarding wether it be the local kid flipping on the lake or the pros at the PWT. And still wish I could do it! Two ACL’s and over 50 just aint workin for me. By the way, that hideous (lol) contraption hanging off the back is all good to me if it makes a great surf wave.

shawndoggy 10-09-2012 9:26 PM

where does the coveted fuel saving not a trim tab taps plate go?

ralph 10-09-2012 10:12 PM

Are you sure it's the trailing edge that actuates, what if it is the leading edge which drops down or has a gate to scoop water up? The topside has an interesting shape which doesn't make sense unless there is water flowing over it.

I must say the development going on in the wake boat industry at the moment is super exciting.

boardman74 10-10-2012 4:49 AM

Check out the other post. Taps plate is still under it in the same spot. Doesn't look like it moves to me.

dejoeco 10-10-2012 5:00 AM

R & d
This is an another good example of pushing the sport forward. Surfing is now getting the attention of the manufacturers. Why? This is truly a family sport and the youngest to the oldest (I am 61) can do it. A smart move marketing to those who more likely can afford these boats. I applaud every and all innovations that move the sport forward.

Centurion recognized early on what wake surfing could be like and because of that the others are still chasing them. This in turn will make them, and everyone else better. I am not sold that one brand it the everything for this sport. I have been riding a 10 year old Tige and it has a good surf wake. With that said, I am buying Centurion Enzo. ( It is on order) Why this over the other boats? I have three reasons. 1. It is my belief, through experience, that they have the best push of any boat out there. 2. They are the choice of towboats for many events including the world championships. 3. My daughter is sponsored by a Centurion dealer. Since we compete, reason 2 is actually the most important.

Finally, this object is odd looking, but it is underwater most of the time.

dejoeco 10-10-2012 5:01 AM

I looked at this again and I wonder what the boat does running in reverse?

jeff_mn 10-10-2012 6:15 AM


Nordicron 10-10-2012 7:58 AM

Seems great and all but like others I wonder what the wakeboard wake is like? Can't imagine many boats get sold strictly for surfing? Also this looks like its bolted to the swim platform. Would think this could be made for many different boats too.

shawndoggy 10-10-2012 8:41 AM

It looks like it should/could/might be out of the water when the boat is on plane, because it rises ever so slightly from the bottom of the transom.

cowwboy 10-10-2012 9:02 AM

Ron, if it's proven to work well. I can see lots of people building one themselves. Just like malibu's surf tabs.

maxx_wake 10-10-2012 9:22 AM

What I think would be awesome is to combine this with the surfgate idea. Have the sides of it extend further up towards the platform and make them adjustable like surfgate and then bottom could have some sort of sliding piece that makes it solid no matter if the side tabs are extended or retracted.

wakebordr11 10-10-2012 9:32 AM

With additions such as this, does anyone think we will begin to see molded in swim platforms again?

hco 10-10-2012 11:47 AM

No, storage is still too important of an issue for boat owners. Increasing the length of your boat increases the cost of onwership ultimately (shrink wrap, etc...). Also poses a threat to lakes with size limits. A 21 ft. boat then becomes a 23 foot boat and would not be allowed on some lakes.

bcrider 10-10-2012 12:20 PM

Too me I think they should make the bottom of the swim platform that actual shape. Then make the swim platform powered to be able to move up and down. That way if you were wakeboarding you could move the platform up so the back didn't interfere with the water. Then move it down for surfing.

cwb4me 10-10-2012 5:52 PM


Originally Posted by hco (Post 1788718)
Well, it's hideous.

It would only be visible out of the water.And partially visible to the surfer.;)

cwb4me 10-10-2012 6:01 PM


Originally Posted by dejoeco (Post 1788791)
I looked at this again and I wonder what the boat does running in reverse?

Probably goes backwards. Why would this device stop backwards progress?Water has plenty of places to flow around this device at slow backing speeds.

cwb4me 10-10-2012 6:07 PM

This device seems to be more fuel efficient than Surfgate since it doesn't create drag. It just shapes and cleans up the wave. A taller wave can be created with less weight too! But it's not a side to side quick change device like Surfgate.

wakebrdr94 10-10-2012 7:09 PM

What does it do? it doesn't move. Its bolted to the swimstep. so you have to list the boat, no side to side on the fly. pretty weak IMO. Just one big step to step up to the swimstep. I can't imagine that not messing with the wakeboard wake

MattieK27 10-10-2012 8:38 PM


Originally Posted by cwb4me (Post 1788969)
This device seems to be more fuel efficient than Surfgate since it doesn't create drag. It just shapes and cleans up the wave. A taller wave can be created with less weight too! But it's not a side to side quick change device like Surfgate.

Doesn't create drag? Where is that info?

ragboy 10-10-2012 9:13 PM

When we surfed before this device, 11mph at the normal weight we use was 2850 RPM. With the device its like 3000. It is designed to not engage with the water when the boat is on plane. If you look at the pictures, it is about 1/4 " higher than the hull.

chattwake 10-11-2012 4:07 AM

Do it does create drag. 150rpm minimum @11mph...

Makes sense to me, considering the fact that when surfing it is pressed into the water.

wakebordr11 10-11-2012 5:19 AM

Of course it creates drag, its a HULL EXTENSION, a hull gliding over water is subject to forces, many of which I can't readily explain as I am not a fluids engineer, however, surface tension, surface drag, surface gets bigger, that number goes up, and I don't believe the relationship is totally linear either...

I still want to see the wakeboard wake, 1/4 inch isn't that much, especially when you consider the running attitude on plane... maybe it's flat enough so that it is out of the water, but I doubt it... can I retrofit to my '99? ha

22vdrive 10-11-2012 6:00 AM

I bet you can jump wake to wake on that puppy 100' back no ballast!

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ragboy 10-11-2012 6:01 AM

I will see about getting Raquel Hoffman out, since she rode our wake before and really liked it.

IMG_9598 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9613 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9698 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_9889 by wake9, on Flickr

It was blown out and a bit choppy, but she got in a pretty good ride.

chattwake 10-11-2012 6:42 AM

The hoffman sisters are good people for sure.

ragboy 10-11-2012 11:52 AM

Yes, Raquel is a great kid and a pleasure to have on the boat. Doesn't hurt that she rocks behind it also. ;-)

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