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JoLo_Si 10-08-2012 6:38 AM

Stale Pumpkin (pic)
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Decided to challenge myself and go a little outside the box this year.
Check out my Stalefish Pumpkin, hope you like it.

jeff_mn 10-08-2012 7:07 AM


runin90lx 10-08-2012 7:35 AM

thats badass!

SS_Hooke102 10-08-2012 7:46 AM

That is nucking futs bro.

andy_nintzel 10-08-2012 9:11 AM

holy Sh$%$ that is amazing!

JoLo_Si 10-08-2012 1:00 PM

Thanks guys. I'm pretty stoked on it myself.

eubanks01 10-08-2012 1:51 PM

Amazing! How??

captain_vilfo 10-08-2012 1:59 PM


JoLo_Si 10-08-2012 2:23 PM

Just a little time and effort. Took a pic of myself and messed with the attributes in Picasa to come up with a silouette. A sharpie and some white out to figure out how to break it up and still have the image read as the rider. Then just carved it out and crossed my fingers before turning on the light.

I wouldn't waste this much time on something I'd have to throw away so I got one of the foam pumpkins from Michaels so I can enjoy it every year. I thought about trying to pull a logo off the web but thought this would be cooler if I could make it happen. The Stalefish started seeming pretty hard to get to work out but I'm glad I stuck with it cuz a tail grab just wasn't doing it for me.

10-08-2012 2:27 PM

Where do I send my artificial pumpkin and cash?? I'll box it up tonight:)

fullspeed 10-09-2012 2:22 AM

Completely Sick!! That looks awesome man.

fly135 10-09-2012 8:07 AM

I'm very impressed.

bryce2320 10-09-2012 8:25 PM

Thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

JoLo_Si 10-11-2012 10:04 AM

Thanks again guys.

Jimmy Redmon liked it on FB. Should I offer to put a LF logo in the background for a Watson Hybrid or BOB Grind, I would make the same offer to Performance, OWC or McCormics (2012 model or demo would even be fine for me).

Walt 10-18-2012 8:02 PM

Nice !

JoLo_Si 10-29-2012 12:13 PM

Just giving this a little bump since Halloween is only a couple days away and then this guy goes into the attic for a year.

TheHebrewHammer 10-29-2012 12:28 PM

I hadn't seen this. Awesome work!

sippi 10-30-2012 8:10 AM

so awesome, they just posted your pic over on buywake's facebook. my wife does all the carvin, she's awesome at that kind of stuff, i'll have to get her to do a wakeboard one of some sort. i like you're using a fake pumpkin, so you can use it year after year, don't know why we didn't think of doing that.

JoLo_Si 10-30-2012 12:22 PM

Thanks Sippi. My pumpkin seems to making the rounds on FB and instagram which I'm pretty proud of. I've gotten a couple of free ride offers and I am hoping to take the Master Craft contest down but I'm really just happy everyone is enjoying it as much as I do.

eubanks01 10-30-2012 8:30 PM

Yeah, Hydrous sniped your pic too! I think I saw you reply though.

trio 11-01-2012 11:15 AM

That looks bad ass! Nice work.

JoLo_Si 11-01-2012 1:53 PM

Thanks again yall. I added an LF logo to it last night. You should be able to find it on the LF FB Page.

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