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cheesydog 10-08-2012 1:41 AM

Has a BS 313 been landed behind boat?
So I recently started getting my blind judge behind boat pretty consistent, and started toying with the idea of going for a BS 313. Was wondering if its ever been landed before?

I know Dean does a sick Hooch BS3 but Ive never seen or even heard of a straight Raley BS313 behind boat. Was also thinking maybe theres a reason for that lol.

Ive got BS313 on lock at cable, so muscle memory is good but of course the tension is way different behind boat. I get chills thinking about the carnage of coming up short on this trick behind boat..

Last trick in this video is my blind judge, it looks like I would have enough time to go full 313 I think.


wakedaveup 10-08-2012 4:53 AM

Yes it has, pretty sure Dean Smith lands them. Or did even in contest last year.

wakedaveup 10-08-2012 4:55 AM

Nice vid man great riding. Like the grab/late tail grab.

gnarslayer 10-08-2012 5:18 AM

dean does it off the double up, i have never seen one wake to wake... i could be wrong. i thought about trying it before, but usually get caught up trying something else and forget about it

jarrod 10-08-2012 7:49 AM

Great riding.

andy_nintzel 10-08-2012 7:58 AM

Just Dean as Far as I know.

I say go for it, new moves are always invented out the vision and the Balls to try it. What's the worst that could happen you, get some full on toe edge catch action.

john211 10-08-2012 8:29 AM

I second 'great riding.' And, how many boats have you got at your disposal? There looked like to be 8 at the dock and perhaps more on shore?

captain_vilfo 10-08-2012 1:05 PM

180.. 180.. ts indy.. oh let me just throw in a moby dick now

lol nice riding man

cheesydog 10-08-2012 6:52 PM

ha ha cheers, still trying to convert my cable riding to boat, its weird some things which i thought would be hard came pretty easy, like the moby dick and blind judge, others kick my ass. Ive crashed horribly on 2 sbends attempts now, not sure if i can get the balls to try again.

My TS progress is uber slow compared to HS, maybe thats the cable influence. Havent even tried a TS backroll yet.

Ok yeh ive pretty much made up my mind, gonna go for the 313, so expect either a trick of the day type vid, or crash of the year vid coming up soon!

wakebordr11 10-08-2012 8:19 PM

You got it. Slice of cake pie

grantw 10-08-2012 9:06 PM

Rob Mapp use to do a BS 313 in his pro tour pass years ago.

kyle_L 10-09-2012 1:56 PM

I believe Murray used to do them until he got knocked out with internal bleeding at a pro tour stop. it could have been regular 313s but I'm pretty sure it was on a bs 313

jason95gt 10-10-2012 12:35 PM

Andrew Adkinson does them in his pass and Murray has done them for years.

grantw 10-10-2012 4:40 PM


Originally Posted by jason95gt (Post 1788891)
Andrew Adkinson does them in his pass and Murray has done them for years.

They both do HS FS 313s, but not HS BS 313s.

VinnyA 10-10-2012 7:21 PM

in itunes, if you've followed the ronix podcast there's a video waaay back from 5/19/2010 that is Dean Smith doing a Hoochie Glide to bs 313 off the double up. I don't know where to find it on the internet. but it has been done ^^ I'll keep looking. I think it was also submitted for trick of the year that year so I shall see if it is in that video.

VinnyA 10-10-2012 7:23 PM

yup. 6 second mark, quite impressive. Love Dean. http://wakeboardingmag.com/videos/20...e-year-videos/

cheesydog 10-11-2012 2:21 AM

yea i know murray and adkinson do FS313 pretty regularly but never seen either do a bs313.

If anyone, Im sure it would be Rob since he invented the trick behind cable. Would love to see some vid of it done behind boat.

irishrider92 10-14-2012 6:13 AM

Freaking love those move-of-the-year vids. Can't stand all the secrecy nowadays!

captain_vilfo 10-15-2012 11:58 AM

I honestly think the most impressive tricks on that video are Steel's TS BS 9 (obviously, it won) and Harris' HS FS 9 into the freaking flats and grabbed!!!!!!!!

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