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ord27 10-07-2012 12:53 PM

must have iphone apps
I finally got my I-Phone 5

I thought that I would start a new thread

I'm waiting for the life proof case. The wife of one of my cook's works for AT&T, she can get me one for half price....


what apps do you guys recommend? must have?....free? or pay for?

ilikebeaverandboats 10-07-2012 2:19 PM

Pandora, Find Iphone, itunes remote, google chrome, and WolframAlpha (if you are a nerd like me)

10-07-2012 3:20 PM

Whatsapp, twitter, voxer, instagram, tapatalk for this forum

Jmaxymek 10-07-2012 5:26 PM

Some kind of flashlight app (I use Flashlight by iHandy Inc.) FREE

iPhone photography apps-
AutoStitch Panorama (Way better than the built-in panorama app IMO) $2
Pro HDR (Really great for the clutch sunset shot) $2?
Fast Camera (I use this daily, 12 pics per second) $2
Color Range (Lots of fun for editing or singling out color) $2

+1 for Find My iPhone, Voxer, Pandora and Instagram (All FREE)

ord27 10-07-2012 7:04 PM

do you guys use the cloud?

shawndoggy 10-07-2012 7:07 PM

autostich panorama plus pro hdr = MONEY!

ilikebeaverandboats 10-07-2012 9:13 PM

yup, the cloud is the shizzle. Love it. works well for pages, if you are running it on a mac.

scott_a 10-07-2012 10:52 PM

I thought the stock pano app on the 5 was quite good - certainly enough not to warrant an extra purchase. I haven't used it all that much, though..just enough to notice the camera gets a NASTY case of purple fringing when you shoot into the sun. No app can really fix that.

I like to use Logitech Touch Mouse with my laptop. It pairs with an app that runs on your computer and allows the phone to be used as a touchpad. Super useful when your computer is hooked up to the tv (streaming video) and you need to control the computer but are just too lazy to get up (me...Saturdays...football).

I've found the Google app pretty useful. You can use the Googles feature to take pics of products and identify them, check other prices online, etc.

CARR is a pretty useful traffic app for California people (perhaps TX has something like it). Basically, it lists all of the DOT-related road closures, construction, and chain controls. Useful if you're heading to Tahoe.

I use Dropbox for my cloud stuff...mainly that's just syncing photos between my Android tablet, iPhone and laptop.

Photoshop Express is useful if you want to ramp up the saturation on your photos so they look like the above panorama.

I'll play Drop 7 if I have a minute I need to kill.

Weather Underground app is awesome. Seems to be more accurate than the stock weather app and/or anything that Weather.com does. What I like best is that it has a map with several different overlays - radar, precipitation, temperature, etc, so you can visually see if one station's reading is totally out of wack.

DirecTV app is nice if you have DirecTV. You can record set recordings remotely. The latest version also allows you to watch live tv if you're in the same wireless network as the box is.

All of the above are free.

10-07-2012 11:54 PM

I do not use cloud nor have since it was released. I have 3 apple devices but i dont need all my contacts and or pics on my laptop. Last thing i want are my pics that are on this phone floating around somewhere:)

hunter660 10-08-2012 9:30 AM


c5dagand 10-08-2012 10:42 AM

I just downloaded a few wakeboarding apps to my iPhone 5. I really like TSO which is the school of wake. It teaches you different wakeboarding move from beginner To expert wi videos and description. It is a free app but you can get an upgrade for .99 cents.

ord27 10-24-2012 11:01 AM

thanks for all of the input. I also bought an ipad 2 and am loving this thing.
AT&T has a free seminar in a couple of weeks. It is supposed to address how to use the iphone and ipad together in a business environment. I am looking forward to it.

I was searching for a way to open multiple windows at the same time on the ipad. I found Quasar. It can be used on a jailbroke ipad. Have any of you guys jailbroke your ipad? How about using the Quasar app for multiple windows?

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