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LSU1990 10-06-2012 2:43 PM

Help with zero off speed control for wakesurfing
Ok, so I have a new to me 2012 B52 21 TWB. I want to try surfing. I am going to have to instruct my wife how to drive to pull me up. This is my first inboard, and first boat ever with any kind of speed control.

Do I set the think to desired speed 10-11 mph, then just have her go straight to WOT, or does she need to get me up (gently, I presume) then go to WOT?

Please forgive my ignorance, as a scoured google for tutorials and haven't found anything that helps a whole lot. I have read the manual for the ZO, but am still confused.

Thanks in advance.

22vdrive 10-06-2012 2:57 PM

It's usually better with a gradual speed increase if she goes wot the tourque of the motor could jerk you around. Are you riding in a river or busy lake? If so you might want to use the rpm mode for a solid constant pull with no porpoiseing.

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LSU1990 10-06-2012 3:07 PM

lakes, and usually not crazy busy, and usually pretty smooth water. So is the pull up part similar to pulling up a wakeboarder? I guess once up you go WOT and that activates the Zero Off? And this is probably really stupid, but does rope come from the tower or the ski pylon?

22vdrive 10-06-2012 3:12 PM

Very similiar to pulling up a wakeboarder. If you go mph mode and you here your engine reving up and down just switch to rpm mode make note of where the toms are at your favorite speed just in case usually. Between 3200 and 3300 in my boat and we slam it.

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krt 10-06-2012 8:07 PM

we just set ours to the speed the surfer wants and go, seems to worked great for us on the river or lake.

constructor 10-07-2012 8:16 AM

When surfing it takes about 2 seconds to hit 10.5 mph. With the Zero Off set it to the speed you want and turn it on. Let her put tension on the rope ( you apply heel pressure to flip the edge up)then roll into the throttle like a medium bump not WOT like getting a skier up. When the boat hits 9.5 the ZO will beep to let you know it has taken over. You can raise or lower the speed with the up and down arrows as you are moving.
You override the speed by moving the throttle out of the range so be careful, if you have a wife that likes to put on sunscreen or dry off or in general does not pay attention to what she is doing while driving and smacks the throttle with her elbow you will end up in the back of the boat or zinging across the lake at warp speed.

constructor 10-07-2012 8:19 AM

double tap

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