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grant_west 10-04-2012 11:40 AM

Boat Stereos HELP Prompt Noise ordnance
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Our lake has been in a battle over noise for some time. Itís not all Boat Stereo related noise but it is a Lightning Rod topic and gave the movement a soap box from witch to stand. Pretty much everyone can agree they don't like late night obtrusive music. Then you add in profanity and "F" bomb's and What do ya Know! You NOW have Noise ordnance! Could this have been avoided? (With self policing and education) Or were we on a crash coarse for this eventually? (Because people in general are so stupid they canít help them self's)

jbird 10-04-2012 1:31 PM

You'd think they would limit areas...The open area by the dam shouldn't be a problem, nor the area toward the prison? But the narrows, there's so many waterfront areas...Ya, you'd think common sense would prevail, but a few have ruined it for everybody! I loved it living on that lake...Miss it.

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