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wakeworld 10-03-2012 1:46 PM

Golf Cart Freaks...I Need Help
I've got a 1997 EZGO DCS 36 volt (six 6-volt batteries). When I got it, it had no accessories on it and now I'm loading it up with cool stuff like stereo, lights, etc. However, the whole 36 volt/12 volt thing is turning my mind into a pretzel.

I have a 12 volt stereo that I'd like to hook to the ignition switch. I also have a 36 volt meter that I'd also like to hook to the ignition switch. At first I thought it wasn't possible to do both because there is only one set of terminals on the ignition. But then I started thinking that the amount of voltage is really determined by the ground. So if I run a hot wire from Battery #1 positive to the ignition, can I run one wire from the ignition to the stereo and another to the battery meter as long as I make sure each of those accessories has the proper grounds?

So the 36 volt accessory would be grounded to Battery #6 ground (6x6=36) and the 12-volt accessory would be grounded to Battery #2 ground (2x6=12).

Am I making any sense? Will this work?

wakeboardingdad 10-03-2012 3:55 PM

As I started to type, I started to think about what you said. The answer is yes. You can use the 36V lead from the from the ignition, but only go to a source ground that will provide the 12V you desire. However, I would be cautious of a couple of things. Since you are essentially creating a 24V ground potential (in other words, 24V difference between this ground and chassis) or a isolated negative path back to source, you want to ensure that the two "grounds" do not contact each other, there is no confusion between the "isolated" or "dedicated" ground and actual chassis ground, the chassis of the radio is insulated from the chassis ground in case there is a ground strap internal to the radio, and that the antenna does not also somehow create a path between the chassis ground and the dedicated ground.

However, in my mind, it seems that it would be easier and safer to simply tie to the batteries at the 12V level, install a protective device (fuse) and then run this wire to a 12V junction box. Just ensure you always turn the radio off. OR install a 36V relay to allow a ignition controlled 12v circuit.

Sounds like fun stuff.

chadgreg 10-03-2012 4:11 PM

I have a couple carts and www.buggiesgonewild.com is pretty helpful.

wakeworld 10-03-2012 4:18 PM

There is no isolated or dedicated ground. The chassis is not grounded. Every ground has to come straight from a battery. So, if I understand this correctly, the lead to the ignition is only a 36-volt lead if the accessory it is attached to has a ground wire that goes back to Battery #6 -. And it's a 12-volt lead for accessories that are attached to Battery #2 -. Do I have that right?

Oh, it's really fun. I don't even really have a lot of use for the golf cart, but I'm having a blast adding things to it. Kicker was nice enough to send out some speakers and the Milennia PRV21 waterproof stereo was "donated" as well by Prospec Electronics. I asked them to send one out because it's got Bluetooth, so I have fun listening to tunes off my phone in the morning while I drive my son to school!!

HateAndPain 10-03-2012 4:48 PM

I've done a few golf cart stereos and I've always just had an inline power switch installed that turned everything on and off. For the twelve volt connection you would want to use the positive off of 1 and the negative off of 2. To me that is the easiest way.

And yes buggies gone wild is an excellent resource for these questions.

stanfield 10-03-2012 4:57 PM

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Your expensive 6v batteries will last longer if you install a cheap secondary 12v deep cycle battery to run your stereo and any other 12v stuff off of. You should have room to put one under the seat on the drivers side. Yes you'll have to charge it seperately, but you won't be putting any extra load on 2 of your 6v batteries. Food for thought, that's what I did. My golf whip.

wakeboardingdad 10-03-2012 6:43 PM

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You're right. The attached schematic shows no chassis ground. Weird. I would probably target the 1-2 batteries like Hate suggested just to make it easy.

wakeworld 10-03-2012 6:48 PM

Ooh, I didn't think about LED's. Now I've got something else to add!!

wakeworld 10-03-2012 6:50 PM

I'll throw up a pic of my setup as soon as I get it back together. It looks pretty sweet. I was really stoked on these carbon fiber touch switches I found, but they turned out to be crap. Unfortunately, I've got a hole in my dash, so I had to leave one of them in just to fill the hole!

bzubke1 10-03-2012 8:41 PM

A little off topic but Stanfield is that deCordova's golf course?

stanfield 10-04-2012 6:17 AM

No, it's Shady Valley Country Club in Arlington, my home course.

hatepain 10-04-2012 2:28 PM

Yeah you gotta do LED's they're so cheap and draw no power. I have them shining on the ground of mine.

wakeworld 10-04-2012 2:39 PM

Where are you guys getting your LED's? I will have to look into it!

hatepain 10-04-2012 4:27 PM

I just got a cheapo kit from the auto parts store. There's some intense kits that you can get designed to be used on motor cycles if you want for around $100 just google it.

stanfield 10-04-2012 7:58 PM

Superbrightleds.com. The 4 and 6 light pods (style that most use in boats) have the resistor built in so you can just add an in-line fuse and wire directly to your 12v supply. Mine were left over from my last boat and when installing the stereo in my cart I figured why not.

da_moose 10-05-2012 3:26 PM

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you shur it not 12 volt and not 6 batterys hook up in seris,ive tore there apart... is it +to- to + to- or + to + to + to +

da_moose 10-05-2012 3:28 PM

i look at the scamadic bro you 12 v ,put a volt meter on + and - you know for shur

da_moose 10-05-2012 3:34 PM

this how i tore a golf cart in to "Fred Flintstones car " for the "Burning Man"

da_moose 10-05-2012 3:40 PM

no your 36 V ,but put a meter on it to make shur + to - to + adds volts

wakeworld 10-17-2012 7:00 PM

Ok, so I finally got around to wiring this up so that I'm running both 36V and 12V through the ignition switch. Just to make sure all was kosher, I tested the voltage at the ignition input using Battery #6 ground and found 36 volts. I tested it with Battery #2 ground and got 12 volts. Then I turned on the ignition and tested the voltage coming out of the switch with the same results. Perfect, right?

Just for fun, I tested the outgoing terminal on the ignition while the key was turned off. I expected there to be zero voltage and that's what I got when I tested it with Battery #2 ground. However, I was surprised to find a reading of 24 volts when I tested it with Battery #6 ground. Any idea why that would be? Just when I think I understand something, I get thrown for a loop!!

da_moose 10-17-2012 7:29 PM

Dave i did the Fred Fintstone car 2 years ago ,we added a $10K stario in that and we put in a seperat battery 12V
don't mess with the set up ,just add a 12V battery somewhere ,simple ,Done,no worries
if you call me i could hide it

wakeworld 10-17-2012 7:32 PM

I don't want to add a 12V battery for two reasons. One, I don't want to bother with charging it separately. Two, it can be done by using the batteries I've got and half the reason I'm doing this is to learn how to solve the problem, so I'd rather get it figured out and learn a thing or two.

wakeworld 10-19-2012 10:44 AM

Anyone? Did I lose y'all with that last post?

stanfield 10-19-2012 1:48 PM

I can't help, sorry. I keep my 36v pack seperated from my 12v stuff mainly because I use mine for 5-6 rounds a week and don't want the uneven load on any 2 batteries and also because most of my friends that have tried to run 12v stuff off 2 of their 6v batteries, tend to run into weird problems like you're having. Surely one of the electrical genius' that post good info in the boat stereo threads could get it figured out. Good luck and post pics.

xmarksthespot 10-19-2012 6:32 PM

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Just drop a gas motor in there and be done! pearl white n all, got all my stuff from jakes carts, turned out great, future beats and lights by liquid trends....

spridle 11-05-2012 9:50 AM

Buy a voltage regulator. That way you aren't putting the 12v load on only 2 batteries.

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