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alanp 10-02-2012 4:18 PM

new wood floors warping at seams
i replaced my wood floors this spring and i noticed pretty early that my new floors have some warping at the seams. the contractor is saying its due to humidity. my feeling is there wasnt an adequate spacing allowed for expansion. he says over time the warping will go away, i want it fixed. anyone have this happen?

brettw 10-02-2012 7:21 PM

Yep, we had it happen. It won't go away. Most likely the wood didn't sit around long enough to acclimate, and the humidity has made it warp some. At some point in the future you can maybe try resurfacing the whole floor to make it all flat again, but I'd wait quite awhile, and it depends on your floor/wood if it'll look good or not. We haven't done that yet but probably will someday vs. tearing the whole thing up.

cragrat 10-03-2012 12:51 AM

Tons of things could be happening... but I'd need a few questions answered before I could diagnose your problem.

What was the moisture content of the flooring before installation? What was the moisture content of the sub-floor before installation? What level of your home is the flooring installed in? Do you have a basment, or is this home set on a crawl space? What is the humidity level in your home? How long was flooring acclimated before installation? What species of wood is it? What size of expansion was left around the peremiter? Is the floor "cupping", or "bowing"?

There are a tremendous amount of variables that can cause a hardwood floor to fail. Although some floors may "come back" or sanding and refinishing the floor may be an option, most "failures" are installation related. If you can answer as many as these questions as possible, I might be able to help.

Sorry for your issues!

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