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gcurry 08-22-2003 7:05 PM

I am looking at buying a first Wakeboard boat. Does anybody have input on what would be a good price for a 2003 Tige 22V Riders Edition. I am hoping that I can get a bit of a break now that the 2004's are out.

skireel 08-23-2003 6:54 PM

We have a 2002 23 V and paid $52 K last year. A 22V will likely run in the high 40s.

bmblbee 08-24-2003 4:56 AM

I suggest you get a list of dealers within a few hundred miles of your location and call them to see what they have in stock. Once you have a list of available inventory you can compare prices and make an offer on what you want. Late in the year they should be willing to deal so a good discount off MSRP should not be out of line.

gcurry 08-24-2003 8:01 AM

Right now it looks like I could go with a Mastercraft X10 for about $5K more and Maristar for close the the same numbers. <BR> <BR>With Tige moving away from wood stringers for '04, it seems like this could become a big factor in resale. Real or percieved, there seems to be a significant bent against wood in the wakeboard community. I think the Tige has the better layout, and from a purely eye appeal perspective I like the Tige better, but when I consider, resale, brand identity (mainly a resale issue) and the whole wooden stringer issue I am thinking Tige may not be the best direction. Thoughts?

dholio 08-24-2003 9:13 AM

Buy a Nautique!

skireel 08-24-2003 7:25 PM

I know many people with old school Moombas, Natiques, and Malibus whos hull is wood stringer constructed. They are still in the water and going strong. Belive me, you will wear out your trany and motor several times over before the issue of wood stringers is even an issue. My 2002 Tige 23V came with a lifetime warranty on the hull and it is transferable so who needs to worry.

pierce_bronkite 08-25-2003 6:12 AM

I aggree 100% with Wakepro. <BR> <BR>Most people just mindlessly bash Tige without knowing any better about the stringers.

sdub 08-25-2003 10:27 AM

<BR>The wood stringers should be a non issue. Performance boats use them w/no negative bias toward it. For some reason in this market, its a percieved negative with no real basis for it. <BR> <BR>The only prob I see with the wood is it adds 800-1000 lbs to the boat. And if you live out west and tow a lot, thats a lot of extra weight to lug around.

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