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moto96s 10-01-2012 8:22 PM

Dec Florida Wakeboard Vacation
OK folks,
I am looking for two or more people to rent a house in Florida the week of December 3rd. The house is about 30 minutes from Orlando. It is on a small private lake and the rental includes a Mastercraft X1 boat. It's a great house that sleeps 8 I believe. There is also a membership to a country club about 10 minutes down the road if you are into golf. I have rented it twice and it is fantastic. Get up and go out for a set of morning sessions. Take a rest, nap, or review the game tapes on the big screen TV, and then go out for an afternoon session. The place is a steal at about $550 each person for a five night stay. If you have ever tried to rent a wakeboard boat you know the boat alone is worth that.
I am just an old guy who likes to ride, and my season up here in Maryland will be over by then. All my buddies are broke and can not do it this year, so I need more people to make it possible. Come on all you short season folks like me out there. You know that come December you will be wishing for a way to get out on the water, here is your chance! Anyone who is interested give me a shout here or PM me. Lets get out there and shred!

moto96s 10-02-2012 11:33 AM

Severe mistake here. Just spoke to the fella that owns the house and he has rented it for the week of Dec 3rd because he never heard back from me. Sorry for any problems that may have caused.
He still has open the week of Dec 17th which is the week before Christmas. I am game if anyone else is. Pretty busy time for most folks. let me know.
He also has open between Oct 25th and November 16th. I hope to be wakeboarding through october up here, so December is more interesting for me.
Also this place is 30 minutes from OWC cable park and about 15-20 minutes from The Wakeboard Camp if anybody wants to catch a lesson while down there.

Wake08 10-03-2012 12:42 PM

PM'd, it's off topic though.

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