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Mjlee1985 10-01-2012 12:11 PM

Weight and board ?'s
Just got a 1999 vlx and was wondering the best way to weigh it goofy and regular? I also was wondering the best beginner board for a 300 lb. 6 ft. Guy. I bought a cwb ride on the cheap from overtons and it doesn't seem to be cutting it for my size.. Thanks

duramat 10-01-2012 8:06 PM

Others can chime in on your set-up.

I'd find an Inland Surfer Red Woody or Red Rocket for ya. I think you'd be happy with that choice.

adam4x4 10-02-2012 1:53 PM

I have been riding a Walker Project 5'3" bazooka and have been loving it. So much better than my Ronix that I tried to ride in the pass. I'm 6'2" 275 lbs

Mjlee1985 10-02-2012 4:46 PM

I ended up stopping by the Malibu dealer at lunch and picked up a ronix duke. They said it would be a good board for my size and skill?

wakemitch 10-02-2012 11:57 PM

I'm guessing they don't carry wakesurf brand boards...

tollie12 10-18-2012 11:23 AM

IDOL WakeSurf boards
Check out IDOL Surfboards web sight. 100% made in the USA. Most durable boards on the market and they make them custom for your body weight and size. Its a board made for you. Look them up. Lots of great stuff that they make.

dougr 10-18-2012 3:25 PM

there are many options, but you will really need to put some weight in that boat, the smaller the wave, less push, the bigger the board you will need. being 6'4 250 (currently a fat guy need to drop 40lbs) i have bought too many mistakes and ended up spending 3 times more than needed. for a skim board, phase 5 make a trident, fast, carbon fiber, uber strong and a great big boy skim board, is red woody would be good, the project bazooka may be the best option for your size. wake 9 did a big boy review (i think) that was all about big boards. the is blue lake would be a possible, but i am not sure if you will get the wave needed to ride a smaller board. I had a v ride in 05 (we didn't surf then) but towards the end of owning it, messed with the surf wave and it needed a lot of weight to get an average wave. i am not sure if its the same sv23 wake hull you have, but if you have a diamond hull , you will really need more weight to sink that boat. good luck

Mjlee1985 10-18-2012 3:42 PM

Thanks I'll check them out! We have a 750 in the rear locker and maybe a 250 in the ski locker and it's not all that big but all my little skinny friends and wife rode rope less first weekend out...sucks winter project 1)lose weight2)add more weight to the boat!

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