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shino 09-29-2012 8:40 AM

Where to ride in California?

I'm heading from europe to california next week with two friends for one month.
We are going to SF to work with a friend for a week and then we'll go down south from SF to San Diego, surfing along the coast. I'm really into wakeboarding (my friend are not so much) and I'd like to ride a few times if it's possible and if it's not to far from the coast.

Is there any cable or 2.0 yet ?

Thank you


wakedaveup 09-29-2012 8:59 AM

Pierre, there are plenty of spots to ride and surf. The surf is great especically in southern california and as far as wakeboarding when you get to san diego go to carlsbad lagoon. I believe LF and Axis have something set up out there and you may be able to pay for a pull. Not positive but I think they used to do something like this. Besides that, I'm actually flying back to California tonight from Orlando. I will be in central California and you will pass me on the way from SF to SD. Feel free to message PM me and maybe we can work something out. I have a feeling timing will be off as I will probably only be riding on Monday and Tuesday but if you are around maybe we can work it out. If not, check out Carlsbad Lagoon in SD and just wait to see if any other West Coast guys comment on this post.

deltawake 09-29-2012 10:58 AM

We could do lessons, or just sack out the boat so you can ride. Gotta hit up the Delta when you're in NorCal.
It's the best riding on the West coast, especially in the fall.

shino 09-29-2012 11:29 AM

D ave, thank you for the informations, I have't been riding the boat for long time but maybe it can be a good alternative if there's no cable...
Thanks a lot for your proposition that's really nice, I'll PM you once I'm in SF.

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