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kimper 09-27-2012 9:15 PM

G23 Demo
Well the hunt for the new wave maker begins. I am tired of half sinking my X2 for a so-so wave. Went out with Mike here in San Antonio to Canyon lake. He is a great guy, and the G23 is one hell of a boat! Sadly all our tests were on stock ballast - probably best stock wave out there, but I was dieing to see about 1k more weight on the surf side. Here are the pics!





Look at that stock wave!!

I have many more demos to do (mostly at polar bear!!). I also love mastercraft so anxious to try the X30 which the sales guys are promoting as their best surfer.. I will keep you guys posted.

The price tag on the demo was about 140k...
I think I could buy a water park with a wave maker for that price.

09-28-2012 3:50 AM

The color combo is nice and not the normal red, blue or green.

SacSurfer 09-28-2012 6:45 AM

Wow it's nice to see a cleat at the rear of the boat finally, seems like they have been putting the rear cleats right behind the tower for years. Great to have rider feedback into R&D.

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