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tx_foilhead 09-26-2012 8:01 PM

Double Up or 3 Some
OK I remember the guy asking about the REV Double Up and the lengthy explanation of why it's a waste, my issue is a little different.

In the spring I added a pair of REV 10's and a 750/1 and I love it, problem is we only foil and spend most othe time well outside the wakes. It sounds great behind the boat, but falls of quickly as you move away from the wake. The wife wants music everywhere and there's not much price difference between a pair of REV 8's for the Double Up and the REV 410 to make a 3 Some. Amps would be JL HD either way since I'm out of mounting real estate so they would have to be stacked, and that's what makes the price very close either way (750/1 of 600/4). Any thoughs? Something will be angled 45 degrees to the side, but everything is I speaker sox under the bimini so it's not that noticeable looking.

I'm on the fence, I have a feeling the 410 would overpower the sub when floating and the REV 8's wouldn't be noticeable in that situation, and that's OK with me. The other thing is I worry if the 410 will be enough directly behind the boat if the REV 10's are angled out. If anyone has heard something similar I'd love your opinion, I ride with a helmet and earplugs so this really has no effect on me. Judging from what I hear walking around the boat and what I'm not positive it will even make a difference. The REV10's don't seem to drop off to the sides when it's in the driveway.

david_e_m 09-26-2012 8:20 PM

I like the idea of a REV 3-Some using the single REV410 in the center and dual REV10s fanned to the outside. Here's why. The REV10 is simply the smoothest speaker and less likely to beam down the center. One REV410 is the equivalent of two REV10s. The REV10s give you two horns but the REV410 gives you a much larger tweeter diaphram and a larger/more developed horn. You would have all symmetrical 10s which is a far better distribution than mixing 8s and 10s. Now if the 8s are just for outside the wake then balance and how efficiently they sum is not as important. You can add the JL Audio level control to the center REV410 amplifier so that you can adjust it independently if ever needed.

Earmark Marine

bryce2320 09-27-2012 3:49 PM

I wish my ol lady wanted our boat louder. When I talk about a 2nd pair of rev 10s she gets annoyed :D

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