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Boost_GSXR 09-25-2012 2:47 PM

who used to make Mastercraft's towers?
Well my boat got hit by another boat a couple weeks ago, the wake tower was busted in half by the other boat. I took the boat to Mastercraft to have it repaired and they tell me they no longer make my tower and I will have to "upgrade" to the ZFT3 tower. So I do a little research and find that the ZFT3 is actually not a good tower and it would NOT be an upgrade from what I have. My boat is a 2006 X-30 and had the factory tower on it. Personally I love the tower, how it looks, and how it works. No flex, just works. I would like to contact the original company that made the tower for mastercraft and purchase a new one or worst case order replament parts to fix mine if I cannot get a new one. So far the guys at Chicago Mastercraft have been super cool people, but, I simply dont want a ZFT3 tower that is known for having flex problems and braking.

polarbill 09-25-2012 3:01 PM

I am pretty sure MAstercraft made that tower or had someone making it for only them. You may be SOL. That is too bad because that was the best tower Mastercraft has ever put on a boat. Looked good, no flex, swivel/clamp racks, round tubes so you could add extra racks or speakers easy, etc... If you can't get it and don't want to go with the ZFT3 then I would look into the Samson Razor or Switchblade. I think those are the two towers they have with swivel racks. One is a 4 point tower like the one you had and the other is a 4 point that mounts to the side of the deck. If you do end up getting the ZFT3 make sure they include the tower braces. Another thing that sucks is if you had tower speakers it is going to be a PITA to mount them to a ZFT3 and have them look good as the ZFT3 went to those stupid puck mount things. Whatever you do hopefully the other boaters insurance company doesn't hassle you too much.

xstarrider 09-25-2012 3:17 PM

The company that took over MC Towers is either in Barrington or Lake Zurich IL right down the road from Mastercraft of Chicago. Not sure if they took over in 06 or 07. I am almost positive they made that tower, but again it was right at the time they made the switch to new company and started making some sharp looking billet etched towers with sub par functionality to say the least. Head over to www.mastercraft.com/teamtalk and see if someone can get you the suppliers number

Boost_GSXR 09-25-2012 3:21 PM

the ins. company cut the check today to cover the damages, however, i did tell mastercraft to wait on the repairs until i figure out what im going to do with the tower.

nitrousbird 09-25-2012 3:31 PM

Any pics of the carnage? That had to be quite the hit to take out the tower...how badly did it damage the boat?

Boost_GSXR 09-25-2012 3:36 PM

no, i didnt take pics, not something i want to remember lol the boat is actually not bad at all. It was a little 18ft bayliner that ran into me. guys wife was in the driver seat as he was pulling up the anchor, she nailed the gas not knowing what she was doing and plowed straight into me. they were initially about 70ft away so the boat never had a chance to get up to speed. the bow was in the air so they went over my hull and straiaght into the tower and windsield. when he powered down the boat they slid off of me. have a few scuffs in the gell on my boat but thats about it. the tower and windshield took all the damage.

xstarrider 09-25-2012 3:38 PM

Also that Samson Switchblade tower is almost identical to the 06 x star tower. That thing looks sharp. Almost as close to that OEM tower as you can get. Nice find polarbill. I vote for that.

Boost_GSXR 09-25-2012 3:46 PM

I made a post up on www.mastercraft.com/teamtalk :fingers crossed:

The Samson Switchblade is just like the ZFT3, I'd like to stay away from that and keep something sturdy on the boat. The Razor does look a little more sturdy, but not like the tower that is on the boat now

Boost_GSXR 09-25-2012 3:49 PM

1 Attachment(s)
kinda a bad pic but you can see how "beefy" the tower is

kybool 09-25-2012 4:13 PM

Looks like great conditions, why are you guys not riding?

Boost_GSXR 09-25-2012 4:18 PM

lol usually we are riding, but that pic was taken durring the Air and Water show on lake Michigan. We did some boarding after, and it was choppy as hell

timmyb 09-25-2012 4:21 PM

The Samson Razor is a solid unit. Epic uses the Samson on their boats. Prior to the Alpha Z on the Tige's, my local dealer used the Samson's on their boats instead of the factory tube tower.

ralph 09-25-2012 4:26 PM

The Sampson Razor is a great tower, some Sangers have them and they look great. The Epics I have been on with the towers are rock solid too.

polarbill 09-25-2012 4:42 PM

Sweet X30. My buddy had an identically colored X45. Hope it all works out. Since you are in Chicago mayeb there is a chance you can find the company that makes that tower and see if they will make another.

kbob 09-26-2012 8:10 AM

I'm looking for an 06' MC tower as well for my 245 VRS, if you have any luck finding out where to get one please post it on here or PM me.

stepintoliquid 09-26-2012 10:38 AM

The gentleman who owns MasterCraft Boats of Chicago makes all the towers for MasterCraft. His name is Jim and is a great guy. Who are you dealing with at the dealer?

stepintoliquid 09-26-2012 10:51 AM

That is the best place your boat could have possibly ended up for MasterCraft tower issues.

stepintoliquid 09-26-2012 10:58 AM

The company that made your tower was New Dimensions. Not sure if they are around anymore. Not many of those companies made it...

Boost_GSXR 10-02-2012 2:19 PM

I am actually dealing with Chicago Mastercraft, and yes, those guys seem to be pretty awesome so far. They are going to try and put the ZFT4 on the boat for me. I guess it was a lost cause trying to get or repair the old tower, which sucks cuz i loved that tower, but I think the new ZFT4 will be worth it.

wakecumberland 10-03-2012 7:12 AM

Which ZFT4 are you talking about?

The old:


The new:

wakecumberland 10-03-2012 7:18 AM

By the way I have a new slogan for MC:

Mastercraft: Single handedly driving up the price of aluminum one day at a time!

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