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22vdrive 09-25-2012 9:16 AM

Operation Sustainable Boating
So I've come to realize that we drink lots of bier when we ride. Normally we just toss all the trash in the dumpster but now we have decided to recycle everything we can and sell all the aluminum cans. Any money that is made will go into buying the boat new toys, speakers, boards, etc. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/12/09/26/eqemesuq.jpg

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ScottR 09-25-2012 9:21 AM

Think you may have just got off the boat....."Beer" lol

Very good idea though!!

Fiveflat 09-25-2012 9:56 AM

My last trip to the recycling they had to write me a check because they didn't have enough cash in the register...

22vdrive 09-25-2012 10:10 AM

How many pounds and how much was it worth I have no idea what they pay for a pound these days.

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Fiveflat 09-25-2012 10:36 AM

I think it was around $1.85/lbs last time I went. My check was for about $150. They had the cash of course but needed it for other people so they wrote a check...

22vdrive 09-25-2012 10:47 AM

Man that's pretty sweet! Have you heard of also departing the tabs and keeping them in a gallon container till its filled to get around $400? Heard this through the grapevine and the reason they told me it was worth so much is because there is no acid washing involved to remove the color. Has anyone heard of this?

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Fiveflat 09-25-2012 10:51 AM

Never heard of that...

srock 09-25-2012 11:03 AM

Thats why the I have people driving through my neighborhood the night before recycling pickup to snatch all the aluminum cans from the trash.

gatorboy112 09-25-2012 11:13 AM

in my party days, we had a homeless man we'd set bags of cans out for him outside the house every morning to pick up. the house was right in front of our college and we'd have usually have at least 5 bags a night, 5 nights a week. this is a really good idea though! free gear and help the environment.

dhill 09-25-2012 12:42 PM

tried this as well.....had the exact same idea and even bought a can crusher since uncrushed cans build up very quickly. save for last summer and march-april of this year. finally after having two large lawn bags full of crushed cans, on a saturday morning, i wished the wife/kids farewell (was planning to travel with my riches), loaded the bags into the car and drove 20 minutes to the closet recycling center in indy.

to be nice, let's just say the center is in the hood (http://bit.ly/Oode7l). the place with packed with others recycling a twelve pack of empty cans to engine blocks. fortunately an older gentleman with no teeth explained that i could not walk up with the cans in a bag, but had to place them into a rusted out shopping cart. he helped me find 3 carts, which barely contained my cans.

no i am standing in line trying to move 3 carts over gravel. the smallest bump and cans would coming pouring out, so move, stop, walk around the carts, pick up cans, wait....this continued for 45 minutes.

finally, got the carts on the scale (with the help of the same gentleman). 80 lbs!!!! woo hoo, i'm rich bitch. they hand me an atm card and i have to walk 20-30 yards to the ATM. withdraw my money.......$40 f***ing dollars.

so, saturday morning gone, 40 mile roundtrip (suburban averaging 13 mpg), friends making fun of me for being a treehugger, and not enough money to purchase enough beer to last the weekend on the boat.

never again :)

i still save my cans, but now donate them to the "can lady" (http://www.indystar.com/article/2012...-has-kids-mind).

dhill 09-25-2012 12:43 PM

oh, and as another poster said, we realized that we had a homeless guy come every night and grab the cans we threw out at the ramp anyway.

boardman74 09-25-2012 1:01 PM

Last I knew aluminum was well below $.50/lb. Alot of work for not much cash.

bryce2320 09-25-2012 1:12 PM

Great idea! Im starting tonight :)

MUNS 09-25-2012 1:29 PM

So you guys ( I'm assuming all are from America? ) don't have to pay a deposit when you buy beer? Here in Canada, we have to pay 10 cents on every bottle or can. So after they get consumed they eventually make their way to the dungeon under the stairs where they sit and grow mold until I get tired of seeing them and return them to the beer store where I get my 10 cents per bottle back.
Its kinda gross top have moldy beer bottles in the house but when you let your collection build up long enough to pay for a case it kinda feels like free beer, but it really isn't

hco 09-25-2012 1:35 PM

The states that have mandatory recycling programs (the smart ones) charge you a deposit that you get back when you recycle. It feels like 'free' money, but like you said, it's really just getting back the money that you spent. It's totally worth it if you are a big drinker. When we fill my car to the top with bags we netted about 80$ in refunds. 2 guys, 18ish bags, about an hour of can recycling.

Fiveflat 09-25-2012 2:23 PM

below $0.50/lbs? That was a long time ago!

Fortunately for me, there is a recycler right in my rural town. Yea, a lot of bums and tree huggers, but I'm in and out in less than 15 minutes and they are paying around $1.85/lb.

nitrousbird 09-25-2012 3:26 PM

Your crew needs a better taste in beer. I guess Miller Light is good for staying hydrated.

Currently sipping a Tap Room No. 21 Amber Ale. :)

bass10after 09-25-2012 5:23 PM

whats the purple cans? i'm guessing energy drink but haven't seen it before

boardman74 09-25-2012 5:35 PM

I'm going to have to check the recycle center around here. I sure don't think it pays that high.

boardman74 09-25-2012 5:40 PM

Didn't think it was anywhere close to that. Must be more on the coast. .$60 is it in MN.
Alum Cans
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stephan 09-25-2012 5:57 PM

I haven't bothered with the recycling center since my old college house had accrued years of bottles. We made some $ on that one. In our area we have a second trash can for recyclables and they get picked up once a week. Mandatory recycling!

Fun story...my families first wakeboard (a Wake Tech Big Air) was purchased with the proceeds of my brothers and I recycling 150 pounds of stripped 3/4" copper wire in 1995. Our dad dug it up on a job and we slaved for a weekend to strip the plastic off. Good times.

pprior 09-26-2012 5:56 PM

We collect all cans - we smash them though, otherwise they take up WAY too much room. When we get 3-4 full trash bags full of smashed cans we take them in. It's money we didn't have before, so I don't see any reason to throw them away.

We always rinse a bit before putting them in, that way they don't smell/get sticky, etc.

mastercraf 09-27-2012 8:40 AM

Our liqour store would give you a free keg if you came in with a milk jug full of beer tabs.

OR, you could donate them to charity....ronald mcdonald house pays $ based on tabs collected

mc_x15 09-27-2012 1:11 PM

In college for business class we had to start a business. We lived in the dorms and saw the amount of cans in the mornings on the weekends. So we started a "company" called cans unlimited and all we did was collect the cans and go return them for 5cents each. Made a killing and essentially did nothing. I got an A+ in the class, paid all our shareholders about 10 bucks, and each member walked away with about $200 bucks. A semester worth of collecting cans in 4 dorms really paid off. lol.

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