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jmanolinsky 09-24-2012 9:56 AM

Another Marina Fire in East Tennessee
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"A" dock at Ft Loudon Marina at 3AM Sunday morning.
Two boats burned to a crisp. One houseboat, not sure what the other one was.

bryce2320 09-24-2012 2:13 PM

Wow that sucks. I wonder what the cause was and hopefully everyone was ok

jmanolinsky 09-25-2012 5:13 AM

They were unsure of the cause and I don't think anyone was injured. I was told that a man lived on the houseboat that burned. It certainly could have been much, much worse.

chattwake 09-25-2012 8:05 AM

When I hear about fires like this that occur on a houseboat in the middle of the night in fall, I presume it's due to an improperly connected/maintained shore power cable. Many people fail to check the connections for corrosion and to ensure that they are tight. Those connections get wet, and are constantly getting jostled around by wave action. The weather gets cold and people fire up the heaters on their houseboats for the first time of the season, put a huge amp draw on their shore power connection, and boom. I recently litigated a case involving this phenomenon.

jmanolinsky 09-25-2012 8:27 AM

That is entirely possible. I don't recall it getting terribly cold Saturday night, but it may have warranted heater use. I was told the guy was a smoker too, so that can't be ruled out yet either I suppose.


PS: I know you came up my way to Watts Bar a while back. Have you ever been on Tellico Lake?

chattwake 09-25-2012 8:44 AM

Jman, I ride on tellico every now and then. Sometimes we rent a house in Tellico Village for a long weekend in the summer. I love taking my girls to Calhouns and letting them feed the carp. I used to ride a bunch up in Clear Creek.

chattwake 09-25-2012 8:45 AM

Do you know Bobby Fee? He helped teach me my first inverts a loooooong time ago. I blew my knee out (acl and meniscus) behind his old xstar in '03.

cadunkle 09-25-2012 9:06 AM

A lot of these lately. Wonder what the cause is. I suppose electrical is a good possibility.

jmanolinsky 09-25-2012 9:54 AM

Chatt, yeah I know Bobby. Is the house that you would rent just a few houses down from the ramp near Clear Creek? I remember seeing Bobby's blue Malibu there. I love Clear Creek. It's where we stay when boarding, skiing and stuff. The marina fire was at the uncovered dock right across from the Tiki Hut at Calhouns. My son loves to feed the carp too, lol.

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