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wakefarmer 09-22-2012 5:52 PM

fresh water intake pump removal on vlx
I have a 2002 malibu vlx and the bearing on the intake pump in gone. I have removed the three bolts on the hub and the one on the L bracket that fixes it , and the hoses. It still does not want to come offf the pulley. Done a lot of tapping to loossen it up but it won't move. Any tips woulld be helpful the next resort is heating it and there is very little room for that. Thanks

kko13 09-24-2012 6:29 PM

Ok so your talking about the raw water pump. and yes they do get stuck from time to time. First I would go with a "BFH" aka a larger hammer. Look you are replaceing it so you need not worry about damaging it. Oh yeah I assume you sprayed around the flange with some PB blaster/WD40 or soemthing like that. If not I would. If you cant get it off with the bigger hammer and PB blaster. Then you may have to resort to the heat. CAUTION try and get as much of the PB blaster or whatever you use off it will flame up on you. Also like you said not alot of room so be careful of wires and sensors. Also go easy with it. I t wont take a alot of heat to get it to loosen up. If you go overboard with the torch you could damage the crankshaft seal and the you will have a more problems on your hands. Good Luck!

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