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tings00 09-19-2012 9:46 AM

laptop help
I thought I would try this on here and see if any of the computer whiz's out there could help me.

I have a toshiba satellite a505-s6980 laptop with windows 7 64bit. I just did a windows recovery after installing a new hard drive. I ran into a bunch of problems with drivers. I found instructions to install Intel Rapid Storage Technology in order to update windows and the drivers. The main drivers effected were display, internet and sound.

I was able to get all the driver errors taken care of and was able to update everything. My only problem now is that I still have no sound. The sound bar shows movement when playing a song and i can get sound through headphones, but can not figure out how to get it through the speakers. I had no problems with sound before the windows recovery. Any advice. I have tried to uninstall the drivers and re-install them.

magic 09-19-2012 3:36 PM

have you tried seeing how your "Sound" setting is set up?

Click on the Windows (start) button
In the Search programs and files search field put in Sound
Under the Control Panel section click on Sound

Check the configuration there.

tings00 09-20-2012 9:10 AM

when i go into sound it seems to work fine. the speakers are selected for output. When i play a song the sound bar goes up and down on the speaker icon in the bottom right of my desktop. headphones will play sound but just not the speakers. internet searches seem to show this could be a common problem but i havent been able to find a fix for mine

magic 09-20-2012 12:41 PM

Saw your post over at

Headphones are working, so that seems like the audio driver is working.
Speakers are not working, maybe a hardware issue. You could try to uninstall and re-install the audio driver just incase. I would get the one from Toshiba directly.

Two other things folks have reported that restored sound on their Toshiba laptops:
Unplug everything that is connected to the Laptop
Then Turn OFF the system
When turned off completely remove the battery
After the battery is removed hold down the power button for at least 30 seconds.
After 30 seconds insert the battery
Restart the system

An other thing is go to sound control panel and raise the volume on the speakers to max and then min, repeat this 5 times.

tings00 09-20-2012 1:01 PM

yeah, i was trying to find answers from a few different places. i have received good help from wakeworld before on tech stuff.
ok, ill give those a try. Thanks.

depswa 09-20-2012 3:26 PM

Do you have an error exclamation yield sign thingy on your device manager for the Sound controller?

My toshiba used to have problems and I would have to disable the sound controller in device manager, reboot then enable it again.

If that doesn't work...try uninstalling it through device manager then reinstall it. I forget if you need to reinstall the drivers after that...I didn't think so...I think the system recognized it and just reinstalled it automatically after I rebooted.

Try the first thing first though.

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