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badhabit 09-16-2012 4:00 PM

Need Help with 1991 351W Starter Solenoid Wiring
I have a 1991 Nautique Excel Ford 351W that I just finished restoring. It runs great but my wiring is off. Does anyone have wiring diagram or have same motor that can help me with the starting solenoid wiring. I'm not sure where all of these wires connect to on the solenoid. Thanks

badhabit 09-16-2012 4:10 PM

It has a newer style starter....not the heavy duty one like it came with from the factory.

mhunter 09-16-2012 4:37 PM

There should be 4 wires going to the solenoid 2 large and 2 small. One large comes from the battery the other large goes to the starter. They go to the two large studs on the solenoid. One wire per stud. As for the two small wires one comes from the Ignition switch it goes on the S terminal the other goes to the I terminal and goes to the positive side of the coil .

badhabit 09-16-2012 7:56 PM

Michael - I totally agree with your post. Mine is a little different...not sure if right. It was placed this way from prior owner....or I should say the Nautique dealer from Sac. I saw the receipts and talked to Bob who did the work.

I have 4 small red wires and a small yellow. I also have two large red cables.

Large cables
1) positive battery
2) to starter

Small cable with large ring. Connected to power from battery with large cable.

Small cables
1) red - to wiring harness (unknown)
2) red - goes down towards tranny v-drive. Would be hard to verify as I would have to pull all of the interior and floor out.
3) Red - to coil
4) Yellow - to starter

Not using the I terminal on the solenoid.

Problem....the starter will not disengage...always on.

mhunter 09-16-2012 8:30 PM

Does the #1 red have a large ring on it? The red going to the trans is the wire from the Ignition switch it will go threw the neutral safety switch before it gets to the solenoid. It should only have voltage when the key is in the crank position. Where do you have the #3 red to coil attached on the solenoid? Where is the # 4 yellow attached on the starter and solenoid? Ill send you a PM with more info.

badhabit 09-17-2012 9:20 PM

Michael - Thanks for your help on the phone. I was able to find the right wire and it works great!

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