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cj1 09-16-2012 10:33 AM

System bindings on flex boards?
Has anyone tried system bindings on a flex board? I want to use mine on one of the slingshot boards and dont know if thell go with the fastrack, and how thell work when the board flexes?

wakerider111 09-17-2012 1:10 AM

they should be fine on the slingshot board. the system binding in itself has quite a bit of flex to it so it should flex with the board. you will need slingshot hardware to mount the bindings which should come with the board. you may or may not need washers to tighten things. washers or trimming bolt length is not uncommon when mixing ANY brand of boots and boards.

as for the fast track type mounting, considering that hyperlites "flex board" the union has the very similar strata track I think it will be fine. http://hyperlite.com/boards-union.php

TParke 09-17-2012 4:17 AM

I have ridden the systems with SS and I really liked the setup. Like the above post you just have to use the SS bolts with the System binding mounts.

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