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rubin 09-14-2012 10:31 AM

Save Lake Berryessa!
HR 5545 and SB 3357 are in the works to ban all motorized boating on Lake Berryessa! Do what you can!

No on House Bill HR 5545

House Committee On Appropriations, Subcommittee of Energy and Water Development
Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen

Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands - Chairman Rob Bishop


No on Senate Bill SB 3375

US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources - Chairman Jeff Bingaman


Sample Letter

RE: Stop the Berryessa Snow Mountain NCA - H.R. 5545 (or remove Lake Berryessa from it)!

The proposed Berryessa Snow Mountain NCA is simply unnecessary. It does not meet the basic standard of “nationally significant” as defined in the Act, especially with the inclusion of Lake Berryessa.

Lake Berryessa is not a nationally significant landscape, nor is it ecologically significant. It is a man-made lake serving as an agricultural resource, drinking water resource, and recreational resource – in that order of priority.

National Conservation Areas were established in order to “conserve, protect, and restore nationally significant landscapes that have outstanding cultural, ecological, and scientific values for the benefit of current and future generations.

The Berryessa Snow Mountain NCA that is being proposed is geographically and ecologically incoherent, unlike many of the existing NCAs. It consists of two separate regions – Lake Berryessa to the south and the Mendocino National Forest to the north – but only half of the Mendocino National Forest because of strong opposition from the Glenn and Colusa County Boards of Supervisors and Congressman Wally Herger.

The proposed NCA legislation does not specifically state that concessions, marinas, and motorized recreation are allowed at Lake Berryessa. It will thus allow the Bureau of Land Management to supersede the Bureau of Reclamation’s Visitor Services Plan and Record of Decision with a new land use plan that can eliminate launch ramps, marinas, and much motorized recreation and other recreational uses of the lake.

The economic benefit arguments do not stand up to scrutiny. There are dozens of so-called “gateway communities” surrounding this NCA. They cannot all benefit from modest visitation increases. Hundreds of thousands of people have been eliminated as Lake Berryessa visitors by the Bureau of Reclamation’s destruction of most of the resorts.

The NCA will not add any facilities at the lake. There are hundreds of new campsites, RV sites, and lodging units in the plans already approved by Reclamation. Why won’t Reclamation allow them to be built?

This is not an honestly conceived NCA in the spirit of true a NCA. Please read the analysis with policy documents and maps at: www.LakeBerryessaNews.com.

Thank you,

jarrod 09-14-2012 10:53 AM

Man, the environmentalists won't be happy until there is nothing left to do but hike on foot. Trails are closing for cyclists and motoX-ers, lakes are closing, the Delta is at risk..... California is becoming less attractive all the time.

Laker1234 09-14-2012 11:22 AM

Headlining (Grandstanding) to the newspaper is where they'll attack your stance. Be ready for that. Getting the community involved is the best action and provide a written/detailed counter argument that the development is necessary and should provide additional revenue and job growth with minimal damage to the environment. The best thing to do is support another candidate in the upcoming election!!! Good luck.

norcalrider 09-17-2012 3:33 PM

Both Bills were referred to committee months ago but neither have moved.

While building a grassroots coalition on this is not a bad idea, I would not lose any sleep over this right now.

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