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wakewoody 09-12-2012 7:47 PM

surfgate wave
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Attachment 25251 surfgate wave with 2 1100"s in locker, 750 in the bow

wakewoody 09-12-2012 7:52 PM

surfgate wave
What do you guys think? yea or nay go ahead and critique it. didnt have alot of time to dial it in. thinking about getting a new boat. malibu is the only dealer near me.

you_da_man 09-12-2012 7:58 PM

Looks okay for a skim boarder but doesnt look like much at all for the surf style riders looking for launching off the lip...or lack of a lip.

wakewoody 09-12-2012 8:10 PM

pic is kind of deceiving, its about 4 to 4.5 feet tall by the curl, super long, but not real steep. by the way, my skim buddy really liked it

vfalco 09-13-2012 7:13 AM

Which boat is this?

dougr 09-13-2012 8:29 AM

i had a chance to ride an new lsv 23 last week. really cool idea, but the wave is very flat, and only has moderate push. it was stock balast with aprox 500 additional in each side. We also got to mess with a 2010 lsv, (same guy owns both, has family with a bu dealership, or so we where told) it was sacked at aprox 3500 on the port side and had a much nicer wave, better push and lip. It didnt have the size and push of an enzo, but it was much better than the surfgate 2013. I think it would work much better if we could take off the swim desk totally. The swim deck kills the wave, bummer

ragboy 09-13-2012 10:37 AM

You really can't tell without a rider on it but does look flat.

timmyb 09-13-2012 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by wakewoody (Post 1782582)
pic is kind of deceiving, its about 4 to 4.5 feet tall by the curl

:rolleyes: It does look nice and clean with a good sized pocket. It doesn't matter what we think, did you like it? Were you able to do the tricks that you wanted behind the boat? BTW - it doesn't matter how high it is at the curl unless you are doing some tricks right there which almost noone does.

johnboyy7 09-13-2012 1:10 PM

wheres the lip?

what is the platform doing tot he wave to mess it up so?

dougr 09-13-2012 1:43 PM

the swin deck cuts the top off the total wave. When listed, the wave can come under the platform side without interfering. but when you have both sides loaded, the total boat is level and uncutting the wave. Trust me, the idea is cool, but by cutting down the wave, it kills the push and there is no lip. I think you are better off without additional weight. it keeps the wave shape, but then you loose the extra push you really need. I would still just list the boat and set it up for the best wave possible without the gate. I think they need to make a gate that sits lower in the water and still list the boat. or have a swin deck that can move up about 1 foot and be out of the way.

wakewoody 09-13-2012 3:51 PM

the boat was an lsv. the wave was way longer than my saced out 2011 lsv and taller in the back, but the front, although tall enough, did seem to have a really mellow slope. I never thought about the platform, but i bet thats it. i wonder if you could move the platform up or put a spacer under it and cure this?

you_da_man 09-13-2012 4:21 PM

Correct me if I'm wrong but...Malibu's idea for the surf gate is innovative and a good first effort, however, don't you think it would work better (even a little) if the surf gate was on a surf designed hull and platform?

dougr 09-14-2012 5:59 AM

i think it would rock on a deep v hull. i had bu's for years, loved the boats, they rock ,but i have had 2 enzos an 09 230 and a new 2012 244. i thought the bu had a swim platform that moved a few years ago. if you built it on a tram to raise when the gate was deployed, i think you could slam the boat and make a killer wave.

tonyv420 09-14-2012 9:15 AM

I don't see a lip?? If you still need to list the boat, then I don't see a reason to have the surfgate on there.Switching sides is cool, but not that important to me. Could you achieve the same thing by mounting bennett trim tabs sideways on each side, like in the same place as the gate?

volzalum 09-14-2012 10:37 AM

I think you run a risk of injury using Bennett tabs on the edge because of the sharp edges, but they should give you a similar result.

ragboy 09-14-2012 11:12 AM

So is the picture above using a production malibu surfgate system or some DIY? Sorry if already known, but so many threads on this I wasn't sure.

wakewoody 09-14-2012 2:39 PM

stock 2013 lsv, with surfgate,stock ballast all full.1100 in each locker, 750 in the bow, wedge down about 10.5 mph. i am getting a new boat, and i am wondering if i should get it or not? Malibu dealer here is super to deal with, other brands are quite a drive from here. We mostly surf and put on about a 100 hrs a year. that does'nt include the hrs we put on my 2 or three buddys boats. we all surf goofy, but the wake to wake transfer sounds fun!

volzalum 09-14-2012 2:51 PM

Try it without bow weight and see if it steepens the wave up some.

timmyb 09-14-2012 3:02 PM


Originally Posted by volzalum (Post 1783037)
Try it without bow weight and see if it steepens the wave up some.

That would defeat the purpose of the surfgate then. Now you are changing up ballast configurations between wake and surf.

volzalum 09-14-2012 3:10 PM

The size of the surf wave is directly proportional to how deep the back of the boat is in the water. Weighting the bow down will raise the back of the boat up. It wouldn't defeat the purpose, the boat would still be level left to right, it should however make the surf wave better. Many of the people would not be wake boarding with the amount of ballast listed above anyway.

wakewoody 09-14-2012 3:10 PM

The demo boat we used was ordered without the bow ballast, so we put the 750 in the bow. Still had more bow lift than i would have liked, with the factory center an rears full, along with the 1100's in the lockers. maybe it needed more bow weight. only got about an hr to play with it.

wakewoody 09-14-2012 3:12 PM

more bow weight might have gotten the platform off the wave some

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