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digg311 09-11-2012 9:23 PM

Toeside W2Submarine
This ever happen to anyone else?

Working on Toeside W2W... I think I sometimes let off my cut as I reach the wake, so this time I decided to stay hard on it all the way through no matter what. So, I cut in... keep the handle on my hip... keep my back arm solid across my stomach... and get hard on that edge as I reach the wake...

and the next thing I knew, I was 10 feet under the water looking up at my board floating on the surface.

Crew in the boat said they'd never seen anything like it, I just disappeared.

It hurt. A lot. Think I came a centimeter or so from blowing an eardrum.

wakerider111 09-11-2012 11:22 PM

so did you submarine at the hit of the wake and basically never got into the air OR did you submarine upon landing? The title of the thread and the description kinda give me two different impressions.

I want to think the second option --- that you are saying that you submarined on impact of the second wake when landing. If this is the case i want to guess that you:
a) hit the crest of the second wave enough to throw you off balance into a nose dive and ate it.
b) full on nose dive right on impact
both a and b have happened to me. a) is pretty common to see in beginners

Also, if you are 10 feet under the water then you need to seriously look at wearing a CGA life vest... at least while learning tricks. glad you are ok though

AND video this stuff. sounds like it might have been a digger worthy enough to become a viral hit. and so we can see what is going on to give pointers. haha.

nuckledragger 09-12-2012 5:40 AM

Read the thread title and laughed to myself as I imagined in my head what this looked like. I wish you had a video.

FunkyBunch 09-12-2012 5:54 AM

Did something similar to this a few weeks back. As others have said video would help but I am guessing you held the edge and kept the rope close but you most likely started leaning into the wake instead of down the rope. This will have some major issues as you increase the line tension and falls look really strange and hurt.

digg311 09-12-2012 10:27 AM

Sorry for any confusion. Re-reading my post, it sounded a lot more confusing and and maybe even more dangerous than I meant it to. I mean, it did hurt... and I'm glad I didn't burst another eardrum... but really I thought the whole thing was funny. I think Mark hit it on the head. i was likely leaning too far into the wake and just sliced my board down into it rather than carving up it.
So I basically hit that first wake and whipped down into the water, instantly leaving my board behind.

Don't know how deep I really went, but the crew said they were just looking out at my board wondering where I was, and then I popped up about 20 feet away. :-)

and yes, I SO wish there had been video.

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