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cbrown 09-11-2012 1:21 PM

Backroll Input
I have been out of the game for a couple of years from a riding perspective mainly just surfed and enjoyed getting out on the water. This summer I had a buddy that got into riding which got me motivated to get back on the board. This past weekend I decided would be a good time to try the backroll and ended up landing a couple. I am looking for a few tips and tricks to landing cleaner and eventually taking it bigger. I slowed down to 21MPH and shortened the rope to 65ft to soften the blow on the old body.


hkysk8r187 09-11-2012 3:40 PM

Don't see a reason why you couldn't just always ride 21mph and 65'. Your wake looked good at that speed. If you enjoy it then do it, and you wont have as hard of falls on your 'old body'. As for the backroll, I see 2 things. 1, you should take a more progressive cut into the wake. Right now you are getting on your edge halfway to the wake and then holding that edge the second half of the way through the wake. You want to be accelerating through the wake but you stopped accelerating halfway through your cut. Build your edge slower and more progressively so that you are gaining speed all the way through the wake, don't hit your max edge till the wake. That will help you with your line control in the air and also take the trick up higher. 2, don't bend your legs quite as much, stand tall throughout your edge in, and up the wake, and you'll land taller. Also lets you take the trick up higher when you come in taller position because you get more line tension at the lip.

Also, you could wait slightly longer to do the trick. If you pause the video when you're riding up the wake you have already started to flip. You don't want to look like you're slipping on a banana peel at the wake. Wait just a hair longer and throw the trick off the top of the wake, not the bottom like you are now. It will help you with the landing by giving you a feeling more like you're falling out of the trick instead of spinning around to land on your board.

Nice job though, keep it up.

cbrown 09-13-2012 6:50 AM

Thanks Chad I will try this out the next time we hit the water.

annq42 10-22-2012 6:07 PM

The speed looks good for you now at your current level, I would just keep it there. Truthfully the only thing I would tell you to do is to roll your shoulders back. When you do that it will force you to wait just a bit longer up the wake, which will allow you to go both up and out more. From there its just landing a bunch for muscle memory. Grats on your new trick!

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