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stotts12 09-11-2012 12:48 PM

2012 Surf Expo
I'm just curious to see what everyone thinks about all the new stuff at this years surf expo. boards, bindings etc. The new CWB version of the hyperlite systems, ronix's new eight.3 ballast system and everything else. For the ones thats havent seen anything head over to alliance wake and check it out and if anyone went post some pics

wakerider111 09-11-2012 3:58 PM

CWB released the prizms last year, but this year made some tweaks, the biggest of which is the four hole mounting. four hole mounting strays from the direction of bindings getting lower and lower to the board, but then again maybe they made it work so that the boot is low and still maintains strength to resist heel and toe lift of the boot from the board.

i would compare the CWB Prizms more to slingshots line of boots with removable liners than the hyperlite systems... but part of me wants to think CWB has something in the works for other bindings that work on a 4 hole mounting system that would possibly resemble hyperlites system. I am just an average guy and have no inside intel. just a hunch and thought.

TheHebrewHammer 09-11-2012 4:03 PM

The Prisms have nothing to do with the Systems, but they look promising. O'brien's stuff is amazing. LF has some sick new boards. The Byerly Blunt is the best looking board I've seen in awhile.

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