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brazosfreak05 09-10-2012 8:46 AM

Proper way to quit your job?
I was wondering what is the most appropriate way in which to step aside from your current position? I've worked here for 15 months now and the job is ok but ive decided to start my own business and was wondering how to go about quitting my job. I feel bad becasue i feel as if they had trained me to fill a position that when i leave they will be lacking.

Do i just tell my boss that i need to leave in two weeks? do i give him a written notice also?

I guess i want to know what is the best way to leave in the most professional way possible without stirring up bad vibes.

pesos 09-10-2012 8:51 AM

if you want to help them out then have a frank discussion with your supervisor and anyone else appropriate about your plan, and let them know that you're open to giving them a month so that you can help train a replacement (if you are open to that). They will likely appreciate the gesture even if they don't take you up on it.

jarrod 09-10-2012 9:34 AM

You need to write a letting either way declaring that you intend to give two weeks. That way, if they decide to let you go on the spot, they're usually more inclined to pay you for the two weeks anyway.

09-10-2012 9:51 AM

Unless you're a stripper whos company bought her implants and scared theyll reposess them. Like the poster said above...have a letter typed up and sit down as a professional with your boss or higher ups since you feel like you'll be leaving them in a bind and discuss it. One thing I was taught...never burn a bridge. You never know when you might cross paths with them, need a reference etc.

My last employer I gave 4mos notice, giving them time to find replacement and train that person. I was even involved in the hiring process. All this bc they did so much for me in my professional career.

jonblarc7 09-10-2012 12:18 PM

Just don't burn any bridges, I left my boss 6 years ago to do my on thing, and said I would never be back. I design furniture so I worked for a few diffrent firms then decided I was going free lance on my own for two years and did pretty good, but this year my boss called me up and and made me an offer I could refuse to come back and work for him. So you just never know!!

Tucker_McElroy 09-10-2012 12:27 PM

Start your business during off hours and do both jobs for as long as you can.

psudy 09-10-2012 12:31 PM

You should show up drunk and streak the place.

ralph 09-10-2012 5:06 PM

Drop a steamer on the bosses desk?

humboldt9 09-10-2012 5:15 PM

I was thinking pull the emergency handle on the door and pop the chute, grab a couple of beers out of the galley, flip everybody the bird to go f*** off, and be on your merry way?

magic 09-10-2012 5:32 PM

At my first real post university job, when I left a bunch of us went out and got smashed at lunch. They made me sober up before I could leave.
Second job, I gave 2 weeks quite publicly, then deleted all of my emails (quite liberating) and set an auto rule announcing my departure and I'd not be reading any more mails. The VP of the group then tried to hire me back as consultant for nearly 3x my current base pay. That sealed it for me and I left. Had several people try to come with.
In my 3rd job still, no plans to leave.

I'd say it all depends on the people and situation. I'm still great friends with my 1st job's manager and still good friends with many folks from my second job.

Shooter 09-10-2012 5:57 PM

You infect the accounting system with a computer virus, designed to divert fractions of pennies into a bank account you control?

jon4pres 09-10-2012 8:14 PM

Sit down with your boss and tell him thank you for the experience and that he has taught you so much in the last 18 months that you re going to use all of that info to steal his clients and get rich.

polarbill 09-11-2012 8:12 AM

F you, F you F you, your cool, F you and I outta here

brett33 09-11-2012 8:42 AM


stepintoliquid 09-11-2012 11:18 AM

I love the way this thread went... haha!

john211 09-11-2012 2:57 PM

Like Tucker said.


markj 09-12-2012 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by Shooter (Post 1781946)
You infect the accounting system with a computer virus, designed to divert fractions of pennies into a bank account you control?

Lol. That was a funny movie.

brazosfreak05 09-12-2012 5:16 AM

This turned into a typical wake world thread. About 10% honest answers followed by 90% bs. lol

john211 09-12-2012 2:14 PM

No one sought to offend you, but had fun with the opening question. I've quit 3 professional jobs. I took a different tack each time. But all succeeded. !!!

I was ultimately let go in each instance.

To turn the subject, I've been wondering, in Kiwi, what is a 'steamer?'

"Drop a steamer on the bosses desk? "

pesos 09-12-2012 2:16 PM

A hot, steaming turd.

john211 09-12-2012 2:26 PM

Whoa ?!?!?!?


you're so like .... worldly

ord27 09-12-2012 4:31 PM

a while back, one of my managers and a waitress didn't see eye to eye. The waitress waited until we had about 250 customers in the place, and proceeded to take her top off right in the middle of the main dining room. She stood there bare back and yelled.....F this place...., threw her shirt at the manager and left.

If I could have chosen someone to do this, it would not have been her. It was not a pleasant sight

brazosfreak05 09-13-2012 5:18 AM

^ Better than a dude taking his pants off and saying to suck it!!!

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